Hip Hop Vibes

Hip hop and rap has always been my favourite genre. Aside from Disney music, of course. 

Many people find it surprising that I listen to rap music. I guess it's because I don't swear, I'm super feminine and I have a tendency to be a straight up "goody two shoes". 

I have to say - I may not look very tough or actually be very tough - but rap makes me feel a certain type of way that I have a hard time expressing IRL. Beyond the cool beats, melodies, hooks and metaphorical lyrics - I love the way it makes me feel.

Eminem says "I turned to rap 'cause it made me feel tough when I wasn't," and that's such a true statement. Rap makes me feel more free - less uptight, and brings out a tougher side of me. I think the expression that rap has can be about so much more than drugs, money and sex. It's a a genre that is so much more than that - and I will defend it forever.

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Today's look is urban/street style with a dash of hip hop. I went for a baggy pink sweater dress, oversized black denim jacket and some button up wide leg pants. The hoop earrings add a nice touch and the Converse sneakers keep it cool and casual.

Thrifted Levi's Denim Jacket // Zara Sweater Dress // Shein Pants // Converse Sneakers // Ali Express Sunnies // Street Level Bag

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  1. Your outfit is too cool! I listen to all kinds of music!