Purpose Fuels Passion

Does purpose fuel your passion?

I've been back and forth on a few things lately - with my blog, my content, my passion and most importantly, my purpose.

I want to create things that inspire and I want to share my voice and my journey. I started this blog because of all the things I love; and over time, I've found more purpose and meaning behind my passions as I went along. 

My purpose has been to create "pretty" things for so long, but what good is that really? I have found that the more people I meet and the more I find things that inspire and move me, the more I want to share more than just "pretty things". This platform documents a very small part of my life, but I want it to hold purpose. 

I will continue to aspire to inspire others; to own who they are and follow their dreams - as I still figure this out and share my journey along the way. 

What purpose fuels your passion?

Today's look is very classic and black with a pop of fuchsia pink. I'm in love with this velvet belt bag and matching matte lipstick.

H&M Blazer // GUESS Pants // Nine West Shoes // Pretty Little Thing Belt Bag // Winky Lux Lipstick // 

Thanks for reading today!

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