Organic Nail Bar Review: NuGenesis Dip Powder + Pedicure

I took a trip to Organic Nail Bar last week (it was my 2nd visit!) and I had two services done. 

I visited the 35 Bathurst St location in Toronto and got the NuGenesis Dipping add Artificial (Fake Nails) with two colours + holographic and I also got a regular pedicure. 

The space of Organic Nail Bar is super clean, with white and pearly blue accents. The staff are all very friendly and attentive as well! It makes for a great salon environment and adds to the enjoyable experience of the services. 

I had my pedicure first and picked out a really pretty shimmery peach shade. 

I'm actually super ticklish so there's some parts that I enjoy more than others, but my feet always feel so pampered after a pedicure. It makes my life feels way more put together too (haha!). 

As I finished up my pedicure and was waiting on my toes to dry, I made the tough decision of choosing my nail colour. I had a reference image and I knew I wanted pink (of course), but I still had the hardest time choosing!

With the NuGenesis colour that I had gotten before on my first visit, I remember it being a bit darker than the swatch on the sample wheel. This time, I knew I wanted to choose something a little lighter than I wanted, in hopes that it would turn out to be the colour I imagined (you know what I mean here, right?). 

The colour ended up turning out perfectly and this was the final result! I did an extension nail in the coffin shape and added a holographic index finger and maroon glitter ring finger. 

NuGenesis shades used were...

Baby Pink - "First Snow"
Maroon Glitter - "Harvest Moon"

Overall, I was SO happy with the final result! They are the perfect length and I really like how the colours turned out as well. 

The girl who did my nails (Harley) was very good and shaped my nails very nicely, paid close attention to detail and even stopped from time to time so that I could film my Instagram story (which is much appreciated - haha!).

The holographic part was very cool. When the powder was applied, it was literally magic!

Shoutout to Organic Nail Bar for having great services and always making my nails look super bougie. I am obsessed!

Have you been to Organic Nail Bar before? What kind of nails would you want to get?

Thanks for reading today!

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