The Light Is Coming

Spring will be here soon and I couldn't be happier.

I checked the weather for next week and it's actually going to be getting warmer in Toronto. I am thrilled to have spring come along because it means that shooting days will be brighter and longer, I can wear cuter outfits again and it also means that some exciting dates are quickly approaching!

I'm going away on vacation at the end of April (to see grandma in Florida!) + I have an exciting project launch / announcement coming out soon.  

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.. winter will be over and things are looking up!

Today's look is all about this baby pink Ariana graphic sweater. I also have the pink glitter sneakers on again (they've been an obsession lately) + this super cool oversized denim jacket. 

I always like to add in fun little accessories and this pink rubber Miniso bag + pink bunny charm may be making more appearances soon because I'm really feeling the vibe.

Etsy Sweater // Levi's Thrifted Jacket // GUESS Pants // Adidas Shoes // Urban Outfitters Glasses // Miniso Bag // Ali Express Bunny Charm

Thanks for reading today! 

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