Nobody Said It Was Easy

Nothing in life comes easy - and that's the truth. It takes hard work, determination and a lot of consistency to pull things off. 

Motivating yourself to put in effort can be a little tricky. As of lately, I've been really struggling with this. Do I want to work late at night when I'm exhausted or rather be doing something more relaxing? Do I feel like going outside in the freezing cold to shoot pictures - or even commute to work? Do I have the will power to get up in the morning when I feel the sadness of winter trying to take over me? No, not really.

It comes down to what you make of it - and I'm no expert - but I really do try to tell myself good things in order to move forward. For me, it's a test of finding balance and a good reminder that even though things might be hard right now, I've seen better days, and it will get better again. Nothing ever stays the same.  

Instead of saying "I have to go to work today" I need to say "I get to go to work today". What a blessing it is that I have a job and am earning income. What an amazing thing that I have the privilege to do.  I am healthy, I am breathing. It's all in what I make of it now and I have the opportunity to choose everyday.

My point is that sometimes you have to decide to put in the extra effort, even when things get hard. You've gotta keep working through it and motivate yourself. Find your inner drive and let your passions take you places. 

Nobody said it was easy, but I know it will be worth it. 

Today's look is all about the power of pink - with this amazing leopard faux fur coat. I am wearing a neon pink turtleneck that is giving me so much life and energy rn, plus the coolest pair of shoes I've ever owned - and that's these pink glitter Adidas sneakers. Oh, and of course my lipstick to match.

Of course I have my little kitty crossbody bag and it fits my phone + 2 cards and that's about it. I have also fallen into the barrette / bobby pin trend and popped out by circa 2014 clips for this cheeky hairstyle look. What do you think of this winter 2019 hair trend?

Forever 21 Coat // Bobby Pins // Pretty Little Thing Sweater // GUESS Pants // Adidas Shoes // Kate Spade Crossbody

Thanks for reading today!

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