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I think it's about time I made #ThePinkLife official and change my blog from MAK Style to The Pink Life. It was a thought that was always at the back of my mind, and after much thought and consideration, I marked a date on my calendar and made it happen!

As you may know, I recently got back from vacation in Florida. I have been pretty silent with the blog posts lately and maybe that's a lack of inspiration, or maybe just the fact that my brand needed an upgrade. 

Honestly, the beginning of 2019 was a little rough for me and I felt like I was really pushing myself to write and post and then I just stopped scheduling content and that was the first time I put a halt on the blog in a long time. The mix of weird feelings, seasonal depression and anxiety really had me feeling down and I'm so glad I didn't force myself to keep up a full calendar. I can elaborate on my anxiety again soon, but for now I want to keep this post positive in celebration of my new blog name!

I want my platforms to reflect who I am and that's why #ThePinkLife seemed so much more fitting. Anyone who knows me or meets me for the first time quickly learns my love for the colour pink, so this change was absolutely necessary in my opinion!

I always have a touch of pink somewhere in my look and my mood is always very pink. Pink is such a warm, playful and happy colour - and I want that to be a constant feeling throughout everything I publish.

Today's look is a very vibrant look at this very pink condo building, located in Winter Park, Florida. 

I am so into the neon trend right now. I've always loved bright colours from a young age and how fun is the lime green tube top and hot pink glitter Adidas sneakers together? Watermelon vibes is definitely a way to describe it.

What do you think of the new blog name? Let me know and also leave your blog post suggestions in the comments below!

Thanks for reading today

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