Top 12 Pink Locations to Visit in Toronto - Get the Perfect Pink Insta Pics!

The days of quarantine are finally (hopefully) over and it’s time to hit up some cute places in the city! My personal favourite spot to visit are pink (duh), so today I rounded up a list of 12 pink places you should check out as well. I also gave each place a photo score and a food score (because to be honest, sometimes they just aren’t the same).

Let me know in the comments if you plan on going to any of these spots!

Piano Piano

88 Hardbord St 

The exterior of Piano Piano restaurant (both Toronto locations) are absolutely stunning floral murals and ALL pink. Its a really nice building to get pics in front of! I would suggest shooting from a lower angle and pointing the camera up in order to get the most pink in the shot. The inside is not very pink, unfortunately. But the food is great!

Photo score: 8:10
Food score: 9/10

Sugar Beach

Located at the foot of Lower Jarvis Street adjacent to the Redpath Sugar Factory.

Featured image via Lonely Planet

This is THE cutest beach. It’s not really an actual beach (it’s just some sand in front of the water) but it’s a really nice spot to sit or walk around by. The best part of it (obviously) are the pink umbrellas. It’s best to shoot here before 9am or after 7pm when there’s less people around. Photoshop comes in handy for this too, though.

Photo score: 9/10

Food score: They don’t sell food here but there are some cute places to check out nearby. I love that there’s a Freshii super close! One of my faves for sure.

Crown Flora

1233 Queen St W

Crown Flora is no longer open, but the building is still painted pink (according to Google maps in February 2021). Id say get over there as quick as you can before the link is no longer there! I always loved shooting at this spot. It’s a little far west, but if you’re in the area, it’s worth checking out for sure! I love the shade of pink and it’s literally the perfect backdrop for a ver pink pic. The lighting is always really good here too, I usually go late afternoon.

Photo score: 10/10

Food score: No food. They had some cute plants though!


3401 Dufferin St (inside Yorkdale mall)

This spot is located inside Yorkdale Mall. I love coming here for a little treat while I’m out shopping! The macarons are always amazing (but expensive). The bathroom doors are ALL pastel pink and you can get a quick photo there if it’s not too lined up. The place is just beautiful in general, so there are lots of photo opportunities. Keep in mind that it’s very small and tends to be pretty busy, though.

Photo score: 9/10
Food score: 10/10

Dineen Outpost

1042 Gerrard St E

The Dineen Outpost location on Gerrard East is adorable! They even have pink-ish tables and booth seating. The decor in general is really nice. I’ve only been once and it was pretty busy. It can be hard to get a seat here on the weekends! The lighting is beautiful for photos but can be hard to squeeze in some pics depending on where you’re sitting. I had coffee and a cookie and everything was delicious!

Photo score: 7/10
Food score: 9/10


1184 Queen St W

This is such a cool spot and one of the highlights (of course) are the pink phones downstairs near the bathrooms. Everyone takes photos here! It can be a little dark so some editing is needed, but still a fun spot. The bathrooms are cute too and the food is very interesting. I don’t think they have it on the menu anymore, but I remember ordering a plate of watermelon with a bunch of gummy candy. I loved it! The cocktails are fun too.

Photo score: 8/10
Food score: 9/10

September 2021 Update: I believe that this location is now closed. :(

Cops Doughnuts

445 Adelaide St W

This is probably one of the most popular places to take photos at in Toronto! I see photos of it all the time. The peachy pink wall outside is great for photos. Even inside is all pink too! I love going here when I need a pink wall, plus the cinnamon sugar donuts are amazing.

Photo score: 10/10
Food score: 10/10

Found Coffee

324 College St

This coffee shop is newer to Toronto and only been here for one year. It’s not ALL pink but they do have coffee cups with pink lids (which are adorable) and their outdoor patio (at the back of the shop) is a pink/coral theme and super cute! I love their drinks and would highly recommend it. Everyone is so friendly there, too!

Photo score: 9/10
Food score: 10/10

Patio image via Th3rd Wave

Bonne Nouvelle

655 College St

This is another meeting spot on College. I’v only been once so far but have already made plans to back very soon! I am obsessed with the pink interior and exterior too, of course! This place is literally ALL pink. Check out my IG Reel video here for more clips of my experience.

Photo score: 10/10
Food score: 10/10

Velvet Lane Cakes

194A Carlton St

I haven’t been here since before Covid, but it’s such a beautiful space inside with lots of pink and the bathroom is amazing! Literally Pinterest vibes. Everyone is always so friendly, allow for lots of photos to be taken and the cupcakes (which I’ve had many of) are super delicious.

Photo score: 10/10
Food score: 10/10

Maison Selby

592 Sherbourne St

This restaurant is stunning and I've been a few times before. There is a bunch of really cool rooms to sit in, but my favourite is the pink room with the floral wallpaper. I love the vibe of this place and the food is really good from what I remember! I haven't been since before the pandemic.

Photo score: 9/10 - it's a restaurant so as long as it's not too busy, photos are pretty good here.

Food score: 10/10

Mi Taco

521 Bloor St W

This is the cutest little taco place. They have a couple of locations, but my favourite is the one at Bloor and Bathurst. It's not too busy when I've been there, the inside and outside has hints of pink and lots of fun decor and the people there are always so nice! This spot is a little harder to shoot at because it can be a bit dark for photos inside, and the outside can be hard to find the right angle to get the pink building in it.

Photo score: 7/10 
Food score: 10/10

This post was last updated in August 2021. Please search the name of the place to see if it is currently operating and what the aesthetic status is, as things always change.

Thanks for reading today!

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