My Honest Ratings of Pink Hair Dyes: Schwarzkopf, Joico, BRITE, Overtone + more


I got my hair professionally dyed by Chroma Hair.Shop in Toronto in October 2020. Since then, salons had to close again and we were stuck in quarantine, until recently. During my time with pink hair in quarantine, I’ve had to keep up the colour at home by doing it myself. It’s been fun trying now brands and shade of pink to see what I like best!

The thing with pink hair is that nothing is permanent. My salon pink hair lasted about 2.5-3ish months before I had to look into dying it again.

If you’re looking for an easy DIY pink colour for your hair, you’ve come to the right place! Read all of my reviews for each of the products I’ve tried below.

Disclaimer: my hair is already lightened. If you have dark hair, you will need to lighten it before using any of these products.

Now, time for the honest reviews...

The Truth About Schwarzkopf BLONDEME Blush Strawberry Spray

This is the first product I tried when it was time to add some pink back to my hair again. I thought it would be fun to throw some pastel pink into my lightened hair for a cotton candy pink vibe.

I have to admit, this product was awful for my hair type and did not work at all, even though I followed the instructions.

I have very very thick, long hair. I used the entire bottle of product and covered my hair extremely thoroughly, and since the product was liquid, it seemed to move with gravity and sit at the ends of my hair, making them soaking wet and very unevenly coloured.

I was really disappointed with this product. It wasn’t was I thought it would be! Here are my before and after photos.

I’d recommend this only if you have thin hair and a lot lighter blonde. Like bleach blonde, haha! And apparently it doesn’t last long either, so this is a very temporary product.

Overall rating: 0/10

The Truth About Joico Semi-Permanent Soft Pink

I had a back-up product in case the temporary Swarzprof didn’t work. It was this one by Joico! It’s also a light pink shade.

I was actually very pleasantly surprised with this one. The colour turned out very peachy-blush pink, but I kind of loved it. The product itself is also amazing. It’s a colour conditioner and it definitely has the condition part right. My hair was SO silky soft after using this, I was in shock! Literally the best conditioning colour I’ve ever used, based on how good my hair felt after.

One bottle (118ml) was JUST enough to cover my whole hair. Keep in mind, my hair is VERY thick and long, but I do have dark roots so it wasn’t needed everywhere.

Since the colour was very pale, it didn’t last long! Maybe 1-1.5 weeks and then it was time for some more pink.

Overall rating: 8/10

The Truth About BRITE Organix Pink Instant Color

The next brand I tried was BRITE Organix. They sent me over their new Pink Instant Color. I was so excited to try this!

I used two WHOLE bottles (100ml x2) to cover my hair. It was a little tricky to get all of the product out of the bottle as you reached the ending but I did my best.

The colour was amazing! Super vibrant and easy to put in. I wore gloves to apply this one because it was so pigmented. Be careful about stains! If you get this product on clothing or the floor or anything, clean up immediately!

The formula is really good because it has no ammonia or parabens, plus it’s PETA certified vegan & cruelty-free.

I remember not liking the smell of it much, but the application was super easy. Rinsing it in the shower was effortless as well! My hair absorbed the colour so nicely and they product washed away in my shower very easily.

My hair was pretty tangled and not smooth after, but one I added some of the BRITE pink conditioner, it definitely helped!

The first few days with this colour was amazing. It is a little more on the red-pink spectrum, but still so vibrant, lively, and beautiful. My hair felt super healthy and did not suffer any damage.

The colour lasted 2-3 weeks before completely fading. I used the BRITE pink shampoo and conditioner to stretch the colour out a long as possible!

WATCH me use the BRITE Pink hair dye in my YouTube video here.

Overall rating: 8.5/10

The Truth About Overtone Extreme Magenta and Vibrant Magenta

This hair colour conditioner is AMAZING. I think this is my favourite one. I was kindly gifted LOTS of different pink hues from Overtone to try out, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to collaborate with them!

So far I’ve only tried Extreme Magenta and Vibrant Magenta. I still have Extreme Pink left to try.

For the Extreme Magenta, this colour packed a punch! The first thing I noticed about Overtone was the amazing minty smell of the conditioner. It actually smells so good, and fresh! I also noticed that it was a very thick formula compared to other conditioners I had tried. And as I applied it to my hair, my hair became very weighted and thick.

The application was super easy. I wore gloves, but it’s not necessary. You just have to wash your hands really well afterwards!

Rinsing this product out was heavenly because they encourage you to use HOT water! The hotter, the better. I love showering in steamy temperatures so this was a perfect thing for me. Like mentioned before, the product is super thick so it rinses out in thick clumps, but you can tell that it’s diluted because your hair absorbs all the colour.

Warning: wash your shower/bathtub REALLY well after rinsing out this product! It has a very slick consistency that will leave a residue, making your shower very slippery. I figured this out after using the product because I didn’t clean my shower as well as I should have when I was done. It went away after I gave it a good scrub, though!

The Overtone colours (both extreme and vibrant magenta that I tried) last SO long. After 4 weeks is when I start to notice the fade and it’s super easy to touch it up as you go along. A little goes a long way!

I used 1 whole jar (237ml) to cover my whole head (but not my dark roots), but I was being very generous with the product.

WATCH me use oVertone in my YouTube video here.

I would absolutely recommend Overtone! They also have colours you can apply to brown hair.

Overall rating: 9/10

I hope that you found this post helpful! If you have any questions or want more info, feel free to message me on IG. My dm’s are always open!

Which one would you want to try? Have you tried any of these before?

Thanks for reading today!

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