Pink Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is quickly approaching and I don't know about you, but I intend to stay on brand and go all-pink for Halloween. (Duh.) What more could you expect?

When I search for costume inspo on Pinterest, I always type in the word "pink" before the keyword. It can be hard to find versions of Halloween looks in pink, but I'm here to help! 

I hope you fellow pink lovers find these pink costume ideas helpful! You don't need to have pink hair to rock these, but I think it would look amazing if you do! Pink hair girl unite. And by the way, if you dress up as any of these characters, be sure to show me by sending me your photo on IG or tagging me in your IG story! My handle is @mikaylakuehn.

Pink Halloween Costume Idea 1: Frenchy

Frenchy is the pink-haired girl from the Pink Ladies group in the classic movie, Grease. Go full-on 50's with this look - Mary Jane pumps, pearl necklace and pink varsity jacket. 

Shop the look:

Here is a shot I took (below) inspired by Frenchy from last year!

Pink Halloween Costume Idea 2: Poison Ivy

This is probably my personal favourite. I always loved Poison Ivy and I think a pink and green version of her would be SO fun to pull off. Complete with green leafy boas, DIY eye pieces and bright pink hair with twisted top knots.

Shop the look:

Baby Pink Tights via Sheertex - literally the best tights!

Here are some shots I did inspired by Poison Ivy last year:

Pink Halloween Costume Idea 3: Pink Mermaid/Pink Ariel

One of my favourite characters from my childhood was Ariel. I always wanted to be a mermaid! Having pink hair with a shiny seashell costume and under the sea accessories would be an amazing Halloween look. Even better, make it all pink!

Shop the look:

Outfit option 1 - Pink Ariel Dress
Outfit option 2 - Pink Mermaid set


Here are my mermaid inspired pics:

Pink Halloween Costume Idea 4: Pink Cowgirl

This is my mini costume for this year! Join me and be a pink cowgirl. I think it's super simple but very cute. The hat is everything! And I wish I had bedazzled pink cowgirl boots.

Shop the look:

Here is my look!

Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading today.

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