How To Get Invited to Influencer/Brand Events + Most Memorable Ones I’ve Been To In Toronto

I always get asked about PR/brand events I attend in Toronto and how I get invited to them. Today I’m going to be answering all of your questions and some of my favourite experiences at different brand events throughout the years!

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, as a blogger/influencer, I get invited to media events that brands/agencies organize in order to help promote their products/services. Some are better than others (depending on budget, vibe/aesthetic, etc.), but it’s always fun to check them out when I get an invite and if I'm available! Most of the time I have the opportunity to invite a friend as well, which is always really nice to enjoy the experience with someone else, too.

To start off, here are my favourite events that I’ve been to so far in my blogging career:

NYX Cosmetics Events NYX in the SIX (first event), NYX Prom, NYX Halloween(s)

The NYX events are always a fun time. I always meet the best people here and I've made long-lasting connections like with my friend Carolina. The first time I met her was at a NYX event! These events are always so special to me because NYX was actually the first brand that invited me to an event when I started living here in Toronto. I was SO young and had just started my fashion marketing program. See photos from my first event experience ever in this blog post here.

Barbie 60th

This brand event was SO perfect and so on-brand for me. Barbie hosted their 60th anniversary at at the CN tower and we had the ultimate pink Barbie experience. So many pink Barbie themed treats, photo-ops and the whole message of being whatever you wanna be. I felt so inspired at this event. We saw Tessa Virtue there and also got to pop pink confetti!

Evio Beauty Dinner

Evio is a Canadian brand that I've worked with for a few years now. I still remember when they first asked me to collaborate with them as an influencer and I was so impressed with how personable they made the whole experience. The first Evio event I attend was an intimate dinner with under 10 people alongside the marketing/influencer manager and the company founder, Brandi Leifso. We had many conversations over dinner together about life struggles, burnout, self care, boundaries + more. Evio has proven to be much, much more than just a beauty brand and that's why I love them! Fun fact: I got to freestyle my rap song at this dinner in front of the founder + all the guests. Everyone was so supportive and kind!


This was such a cool experience for me! As someone living downtown Toronto, I'm so happy to say that I've at least attended TIFF once and seen a film there, all thanks to L'OREAL! We got the VIP treatment with hair and makeup touch-ups, slow-motion video capture of ourselves posing on the red carpet + tickets to see a film at the festival! I do not remember what it was called or what it was about... but it was interesting and a bit strange from what I recall!

Fashion Week

Anytime I get an invite to a Toronto Fashion Week show, I get so excited! I love supporting local Canadian designers and I love any excuse to get dressed up in a dramatic pink outfit. It's also a full-circle moment for me because back when I was a fashion student, I wasn't invited to the shows but I would get dressed up and go walk around outside the tents of TFW with my friends to see if we would get photographed. One time I actually did, and I was named one of the top 10 best dressed (haha!). Some of my favourite TFW memories as an attendee would have to be covering TOM for Toronto Film School as a VIP guest, meeting Sophie Suchan at the Hillary McMillan/Christopher Paunil show, or getting to see my photo on FASHION Magazine's website.

Call It Spring

This event was a crazy fun experience! Hosted at Mint Room Studios, guests got to walk room-to-room with a different activity inside each one. I'd say definitely watch this YouTube video for a full breakdown of what went on + see it in action!

Watch my Youtube video to hear a story from each experiences + see more clips of the events. You can also visit my IG story highlights here and here and be sure to follow my IG page so you never miss a post when I attend the next event! 

Now for the fun part! Let’s get your questions answered.

Q: How do I get invited to brand/PR agency events as a micro influencer?

A: Keep creating + posting content! Be consistent, stick to a niche and know your audience. As you grow, more brands and agencies will recognize you and reach out to you! You can also go ahead and send pitches to inquire about upcoming events and ask them to keep you in mind when creating the next guest list. 

Q: What do I say in an email pitch to brands/PR agencies?

A: Here is a template for you!

Hi XYZ Brand/Agency,

I'm writing from @insertyourhandleandhyperlinkit with a very special inquiry! 

I am a local [insert your location] content creator and I am interested in working with [your brand/insert brand name]. I saw that you recently had this event [reference their event and what you liked about it]. 

If there are any other events like that in the future, would you be able to keep me in mind? I'd really appreciate it, as I'd be thrilled to attend and help you promote your [insert product/service].

Thanks so much,

Q: What hashtags should I be using if I want to get noticed by brands/PR agencies?

A: Location-based hashtags + niche hashtags! Example: #TorontoBlogger, #TorontoContentCreator or #PinkFood, #PinkHoundstoothSkirt

Q: What are the best practices for when I do get invited to a brand event and what can I do to be kept in mind for future events?

A: Try to post SOMETHING! Especially if you enjoyed yourself. Even if it's just a few stories. And even if it wasn't your favourite event - always always always say thank you in an email afterwards. follow up and thank them for allowing you to come. It's a nice thing to do and it goes a long way! Also, if you get invited somewhere and can't make it, always respond just to let them know and say thank you!

And that's it! I can’t wait to see you at some of these events (if you’re in Toronto like myself)! Hope you have an amazing time!

Feel free to leave a comment or slide into my DMs on Instagram if you have any further questions. I’m always happy to help!

Thanks for reading today!

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