8 Ways to Start the New Year Off Right

The new year is here and it’s the perfect time to revamp your lifestyle and start making some changes to get yourself in the best mental and physical state and live your life to the fullest!

Whether you believe in new years resolutions of not, January (or any month of the year) is a good time to reflect and make changes you've been meaning to work on. 

Here are 8 things you can do to kick your year off in the best way possible! These are things that take time, and will definitely not have overnight results - but they are things you can carry with you throughout the year to make it the best one yet! Here's to 2022.

1. Make a vision board

This is one of my favourite things to do at the beginning of the year (or really anytime of the year). A vision board is a collage of images that each represent a specific goal that you have or something you want to attract into your life. I made a vision board this year and I placed it in this IG post (see here, slide 2).

Here are some of the goals I put on my vision board for the year:

- Work more on my side hustle/blog/content creation (take a social media course, continue to grow my personal pages & make more passive income).
- Improve my physical & mental health & continue working on personal growth & gratitude.
- Stay consistent & disciplined when it comes to eating healthy & working out
- Focus on relationships - both new & old!
- Move to a new condo
- Get a puppy
- Plan to travel
- Go pastel pink with my hair
- Get a new phone, my dream designer bag, pink air pods & maybe a Nintendo switch!

You should make one, too! I used the free version of Canva to make this. Be sure to print it out or use it as your phone/laptop wallpaper so you have a daily reminder of the things you’re working towards. Persoanlly, I put mine as my iPad lock screen, printed a copy for my bedroom wall and a copy for my desk at work.

2. Declutter and clean your space

I always feel better when I have a neat, tidy, and organized space. Throw out things you don’t use anymore, donate or resell old clothes and tidy your living areas regularly to keep a clear mind.

I recently got rid of SO many things and I feel so much better since. I also donated 2.5 HUGE garbage bags of clothing. My closets ave so much space now!

You can even make a little bit of extra cash by reselling your items through consignment shops and/or Depop/online second-hand clothing stores.

3. Plan healthy meals ahead

I always eat best when I plan for it. Pack fresh salads, cut up veggies for the week and snack on those whenever you’re hungry. Prepare smoothies and stop by the grocery store whenever you need something. Don’t let yourself go hungry or without the nutrients your body needs! A good diet consists of all food groups; nuts/meat (protein), fruits and veggies and whole grains.

I like to focus on drinking lots of water, eating vegetables and getting enough protein and fibre in my meals. This gives me lots of energy and helps me feel better! I try my best to make lunches for work that I take with me and always make sure I eat something for breakfast (even if it’s small). Water is my drink of choice with every meal. Every so often I treat myself to hot tea or kombucha. I also enjoy smoothies. Once or twice a year I indulge in a cup of coffee and/or hot chocolate.

If I do plan to eat out, my top choices are below:

4. Set work-life balance boundaries

It’s important to make sure that you have time for rest or even a fun activity. Life isn’t all about work, and a lot of times, work can wait. Be mindful of how much rest and/or self care time you are giving yourself each day.

For my personal schedule, I like to give myself time to rest by listening to my body. Unless it is something urgent, I make sure to end my 9-5 work day at 5pm and get home between 5:30 and 6pm. I have time to sit down and relax for a bit, then I do my workout. After that, I shower, do my skincare and my haircare. After that, I start my 2nd job (my side hustle) by responding to emails, writing blog posts (like this one I’m writing at 9:30 on a Monday night), edit IG photos, make TikToks, film YouTube videos, etc. Some days are more productive than others. Sometimes all I do is post and then I take the night off to catch up on a show. It’s all about setting boundaries and listening to what your body needs.

5. Journal when you can

One of my favourite things to do is to sit with myself and journal. I like to do the 5 Minute Journal or lately I’ve been using the Feel Your Best personal grown workbook by ban.do. I would highly recommend both! I don’t journal everyday but I try to do it as much as I can. It really helps you clear your mind, focus on your goals, gratitude, your strengths and weaknesses and your ability to interpret your thoughts and emotions.

6. Practice daily affirmations

It sounds kind of silly, but the more you say and think things, the more true they become. Sometimes you need to repeat things to yourself enough times that you will then come to believe them. Saying affirmations such as “I am learning to love myself more everyday,” “I am learning to trust the journey,” and “I am proud of who I am becoming” are some great affirmation examples that can be recited on a daily basis. Feel free to make your own or choose some of my favourites from the list below!

“I acknowledge my own self-worth and my confidence is rising”

“I let go of any negative feelings about myself or my life, and accept all that is good.”

“I always attract only the best of circumstances and I have the best positive people in my life.”

“I am courageous. I am willing to act and face my fears.”

“I trust my intuition and I always make wise decisions.”

“I have the courage to create positive change in my life.”

“I am a powerful creator. I create the life I want and enjoy it.”

“I can let go of old, negative beliefs that have stood in the way of my success.”

7. Have a workout routine schedule

When you schedule yourself for specific workouts, you’re more likely to actually get them done! Drag yourself to the gym (if COVID restrictions allow it) or set yourself up for a workout at home, but get your body moving! I like to aim for 3 workouts a week, and planning to increase that as my body and schedule allows. Make time for your workouts and fit them in as best as you can. Your health should be your number one priority!

If you have a busy day, do your workouts first thing in the morning. If you have a slower evening, get them done right after work (before dinner). I’m not a morning person, so most of my workouts happen in the evening and that’s what works best for me!

8. Make future plans with people/things to look forward to

Something that’s always fun and exciting is making plans for things that you can look forward to. Whether that’s dinner with a friend, an upcoming zoom party or movie night with your partner, schedule these things so you have fun activities to countdown to and look forward to envying! Even something as simple as blocking out time to watch your favourite show or do some painting or take yourself to the local bakery to pick out something sweet. Treat yourself to some fun once in a while!

Are there any tips in this post that you’re looking forward to incorporating into your lifestyle this year? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for reading today!

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