16 Ways To Get Inspired Again

Spring is coming and I can't wait for warmer weather here in Toronto! There's been a lot going on lately and sometimes it's hard to feel excited and inspired again. here is a huge list of things you can do to find inspiration & start feeling it again!

1. Meditate

2. Create a vision board

3. Watch a Ted talk

4. Listen to a podcast you love

5. Journal/use stream of conciseness

6. Draw something/doodle

7. Ask someone you know about something they do that you don’t get

8. Find a story prompt online & write a short story with it

9.  Try to think of 300 things you want to do in your lifetime (this is apparently a real exercise that people do & it’s not easy!! get ready to challenge yourself !)

10. Make a mind map about a topic you love (I use mind meister, it’s so fun)

11. Look at magazines

12. Go through old photos/photo albums

13. Read a book

14. Go for a walk

15. Listen to old nostalgic music you love (90’s & early 2000’s r&b is my go-go!)

16. Take a break from social media (delete the apps, put timers on them, etc.)

By the way, these photos were taken at a beautiful café & flower shop, Olivia's Garden in Toronto! I would highly recommend it.

Below is a photo of their super sweet & yummy pink drink, the Elderberry specialty drink. It's a microground chard tea served over milk with elderberry syrup. Tastes slightly earthy, sweet with subtle notes of vanilla blueberry.

Thanks for reading today!

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