Best 10 Pink Nail Designs by Toronto Nail Salon

I’ve been getting my nails done at a nail salon in Toronto called Organic Nail Bar for a few years now. I’ve tried many different nail shapes, lengths, colours and designs over the years! Although, most of them have been pink (very on brand).

I usually go to the Organic Nail Bar Blue Jays location at 438 Queen St W. Lynn is my go-to nail tech but honestly any of the other techs I’ve had do my nails in the past have been amazing! Their team is very talented and friendly.

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I mostly always go with pink nails, but I like to stay creative with it. Here are my top 10 favourite nails done by Organic Nail Bar!

10. Banana Yellow Coffin Nails

Okay I KNOW these are not pink but I got these nails done in 2018 because I remember seeing this nail guide based on girl’s nail choices and saw bright yellow as a danger colour and thought that was hilarious. 

I also really loved yellow at this time and had a huge yellow puffer jacket that I used to wear a lot. I thought “why not going for something different a little out of my comfort zone”. These nails were so fun to rock!

I kept these on for a while and even painted over them! I tried to go for a pink and yellow tartan pattern. It wasn't my best work, but I tried, haha. 

9. Bedazzled Pink Nails

A simple shimmery pink shade with some bling bling! The accent finger has a flower decal and glitter sealed inside and the crystals are Swarovski. These were done by the owner of the salon. She is awesome!

8. Pink Flame Nails

These ones used to be my absolute favourite. Also done in 2018, I went for a super long coffin shape with a pink flame pointer finger finger. I also had some jewels added to my accent finger. I love how every nail is a different shade of pink. Organic Nail Bar always has so many colours and shades to choose from! The options are endless.

7. Powerpuff Girls Heart Nails

I recently got these done in December 2021 and they were my “Christmas nails”. It was the closest I was willing to go with adding red to my nails (haha!). They probably look more like Valentine’s nails but they are actually inspired by one of my favourite Y2K Cartoon Network shows from my childhood, Powerpuff Girls. The early 2000’s are trending right now so these nails were a perfect nod to that iconic era!

6. Pink and Yellow Confetti Nails

These were my birthday nails from July 2020. I went for a long almond shape and did my favourite colour combo: pink and yellow! I also added some sparkle to the accent nail to symbolize the celebration of my birthday month. I got sooo many compliments on these nails!

5. Pink French Floral Nails

These are my current nails! I just got these done on Friday March 18th, 2022. I am obsessed with these tiny almond shaped cities and Lynn at Organic Nail Bar Blue Jays did an amazing job (as usual). I did a different shade of pink (French tip) on every nail and did tint abstract pink and white flowers all over. They’re perfect for spring!

4. Clueless Movie Inspired Nails

One of my favourite movies is Clueless (1995) and I have the yellow tartan blazer and skirt outfit, so I knew I needed nails at some point to match! I’m obsessed with how these turned out. The pink fillet pen and the “as if” are literally perfect and scream “Clueless”. I got these done in August 2020.

3. Pink French Nails with Glitter and Chanel

These were my nails from my birthday last year (July 2021). I went for a large baby pink French design with a tiny gold Chanel sticker on the accent nail. My nail tech (Lynn) also did a really pretty rose gold glitter outline on all the pink French tips. I thought it was the perfect birthday celebration touch!

2. Kiwi and Watermelon Fruit Nails

These fruit nails are adorable! I got these on in March 2020 right before lockdown and the whole pandemic emerged. Lynn at Organic Nail Bar Blue Jays absolutely killed it with this design! It was exactly what I wanted.

1. Disney Aristocats Marie Nails

These ones take place at #1!!! If you know me the you know how much I loved Disney things, especially the cutie Disney cat, Marie from the Disney movie, Aristocats. These were definitely a more tricky design but Lynn (the nail artist) did such an amazing job. They were perfect and I got SO many compliments after! I kept these on for well over a month and they were so grown out by the time I finally got them taken off. It was so much fun having these nails.

Check out all of Organic Nail Bar salon locations below:

26 Bathurst Street
Toronto, ON M5V 0C6

496 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 2B3 

35 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON M5V 2P2 

1005 King St West
Toronto, ON M6K 3M8

438 Queen St West
Toronto, ON M5V 2A8

Let me know if you end up going and send me your nails pics or tag me in your IG story! You can follow me for all new nail designs and updates here.

Thanks for reading today!

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