13 Things In My Downtown Toronto Apartment That Just Make Sense

I live in a 450 sqft apartment downtown Toronto and not only do I want it to look cute, but I need to to be functional! Here are some of the items in my apartment that *just make sense*.

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1. Custom Pink Neon Sign

One of my most recent apartment decor additions has been this pink neon sign from Neons.com. Watch the process of me making it here!

They gifted me this amazing custom sign and they also gave me a code for you guys! Save 20% on your own sign with code ThePinkLifexNeon. 

I literally dreamed about having one of these for my space one day and Neon made my pink life sign dreams come true! It's so cool because my apartment literally glows pink all day long and especially when I have it on at night!

Neon was super helpful and lovely while creating my sign. They made sure to design something I would love and they delivered it promptly! 

2. Pink Retro Phone

One of my best friends got me this phone and it's the cutest decor item! I'm sure it works, but I've actually never tried it before. I just love the look of it in my space! I always use it for photoshoots as a prop as well.

3. Closet Door Shoe Rack

I got this rack at Walmart and it is constantly overflowed with my shoes! Mine is not screwed into the door so it falls apart a lot, but I would highly recommend you secure this tightly so that everything stays together. It saves a lot of space and hides my mess of shoes!

4. Makeup Desk Drawer

My desk also doubles as a makeup station and I store all of my most-used makeup products in this drawer. I love having easy access to everything right at my desk!

I get asked about my makeup desk chair all the time - I painted this in high school!

5. Full-Length Mirror

I have two full-length mirrors in my apartment and they're perfect for checking the outfit, and of course, mirror selfies!

6. Pink Record Player

I got this affordable pink record player from Indigo (here is a similar one) during a Black Friday sale. I have so much fun adding to my record collection and playing them out loud while getting ready in the mornings!

7. Pink Shell Lamp

I love how cute this tiny shell lamp is. It's another cute item that really ties my space together!

8. Pink Skincare Fridge

I got this mini fridge from The Bay to keep some of my daily skincare products + face masks cool so that they're super refreshing when I apply them. Cold skincare is the best!

Did you guys want to see a "what's in my skincare fridge" video? Let me know in the comments!

9. Pink Faux Peonies

I got these pink peonies at Winners when I first moved into my downtown Toronto apartment back in 2015. There are so many places you can get them, though! I love how real these look and they really add to my desk decor in the prettiest way. Do you love fake flowers as well?

10. Pink Cow Printed Candles

These were gifted to me from a local handmade shop but they no longer make candles. I am obsessed with the adorable pink cow print and they are an amazing decor item!

11. PR Product Drawer

I receive a lot of gifted products from brands and agencies for me to try their items and post about them. I have quite the stock pile and as much as I try to give it away/donate it, I still end up with a lot. These are all things that I will use eventually once I run out! There's a lot fo skincare, hair care and lifestyle items.

This dresser is from IKEA and it has the BEST deep drawers! It's perfect for extra storage in my apartment.

12. Soda Stream

I love sparkling water so it only makes sense to have my own soda stream. Read my thoughts on having one of these in a post I did here!

13. Shower Shelf

This is much needed in my shower! I have so many products that I use and this shelf has been a life-saver. I've never had any issue with it. It has 4 shelves in total (the whole thing is not in the picture).

You can find a similar one here.

Have any questions about these items? I'm always just a DM away on Instagram!

If you're looking for good deals on home decor pieces, check out the Big Home Sale at Macy's right now (10-60% off).

Thanks for reading today.

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