Canadian Sparkling Water Lovers: Is Soda Stream Worth It?

Sparkling water is a nice treat and it makes you feel like you're drinking something way fancier than just water. I've been a sparkling water lover for a while now and I was constantly purchasing Perrier and San Pellegrino bottles... until I got a Soda Steam.

I've had my Soda Stream for a couple of years now and I absolutely love it. Here is what I like about it:

1. I can conveniently have access to sparkling water at home .

2. Soda Stream is lightweight, easy to move and doesn't take up a lot of counter space. I love having it on my desk to access throughout my day while working from home.

3. I don't have to refill my CO2 that often. I have different sized bottles (two small 0.5L, one large 1L) and I drink at least one of these bottle each day, yet I don't run out of CO2 very quickly. I'd say the refills last me about 6-8 months. It claims to make up to 6OL of carbonated water. I use the small bottles more often, so that would explain why it lasts me longer. I love the small bottles! 

Also a side note - when I got my Soda Stream, I had no idea you could exchange your empty CO2 tanks for a full one at any participating retailer, paying only the cost of a gas refill. Keep that in mind!

If I were to do it over again, I would definitely get a Soda Stream. I've saved so much money and time by not having to pick up sparkling water bottles at the store and I love the ease and convenience of doing it at home. It's also super satisfying to press down on that button and watch your drink fizz up!

I have never tried the flavoured syrups, but have thought about it. For now, I just use it to drink plain water and I enjoy it very much. Have you tried any flavours before? Which ones would you recommend? 

This post is not sponsored and it is my own thoughts and opinions. I just seriously love Soda Stream, haha! If you are interested in getting a Soda Stream, check out their website here.

Thanks for reading today!

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