Pink Hair Approved: The Essentials For Maintaining Pink Hair

I love having pink hair! Ever since I got it done professionally at Chroma hair shop, I have been in love with the way it makes me feel and bring my brand of The Pink Life to a whole new level. There’s something about having pink hair that makes me feel so much more myself. 

My pink hair from Chroma lasted about 3 months until it completely faded to bleach blonde-ish, in which I then thought, I really need to re-dye it! I love the dark root look, so keeping that in tact, all I needed was some pink colour to add to my hair. Since salons are still closed here in Ontario during yet another lockdown/stay at home order, I decided that doing some DIY dye sessions would be fun to try!

I recently dyed my hair using Brite Instant Colors and you can watch that whole process over on my YouTube channel here! This was a gifted collaboration and they did not pay me to post about these products.

To keep this new bright pink hair healthy, hydrated and get the most of the colour longevity, I use certain products to maintain that. Today I’m sharing my favourite hair products (specifically for pink hair).

Brite Pink Shampoo

In addition to the pink Instant Colors hair dye from Brite, I was also gifted the pink shampooconditioner and strawberry milkshake hair mask. I’ve been using the pink shampoo and conditioner combo for 2+ weeks now, and I love having it to keep the pink going on in my hair!

I wash my hair every two days (every other day). This has also helped keep my colour longer! I use the pink shampoo and conditioner each time I wash my hair. 

The shampoo is a very vibrant pink and it is SO pigmented. Do not mess around while using this shampoo! Your shower / bathtub will be completely pink, so be careful where you put this stuff and how you use it. It hasn’t stained anything in my experience so far, but I do make sure to rinse away anywhere it may have splattered. It splatters SO easily. Even if you’re just lathering your hair gently!

Since I dyed it two weeks ago, the colour has still faded a bit over that time, while using this shampoo. I do think that this shampoo (and the conditioner) has helped to keep the colour longer though! It just doesn't necessarily lock the colour in place. 

This shampoo is also vegan and cruelty free, which is awesome!

Side note: the shampoo smells like plastic and it’s not the most amazing scent. I don’t like the smell and I would prefer something more lightly scented!

Brite Pink Conditioner

Very similar to the Brite Pink Shampoo, I feel like this product helps to keep the pink flowing through my hair and keeping the colour stay longer! I also love how this product nourishes and hydrates my hair.

The conditioner is not as pigmented/messy as the shampoo. It doesn't get colour everywhere like the shampoo does! This pink conditioner is also vegan and cruelty free.

Same side note as above (shampoo): this product doesn’t have the best scent! It smells like plastic to me.

Cake Beauty Wave Maker

This is one of my favourite Cake Beauty products! It’s not just for pink hair, this is more of a general hair essential. I love to spritz it in my hair when I’m doing waves, curls or add some texture! It has an amazing smell and it makes my hair smell sooo good all day long. Just like vanilla cupcakes! So good.

Cake Beauty Gloss Boss

This is an amazing shine booster for the hair! Love to spritz this after running the straightener through my hair. It's perfect for dry styling. Again, not just for pink hair. Can be used on all hair types/colours!

Cake Beauty Leave In Conditioner

I love adding more moisture to my bleached and dyed hair. This leave in conditioner works so well and keeps my hair feeling fresh and hydrated throughout the day! Can also be used on all hair types/colours!

Cake Beauty Volumizing Foam

I love using this on my damp hair to add some more volume to my hair. I blow dry it right after and have amazing, full hair! Can also be used on all hair types/colours.

Hair Masks

A hair mask is always a good idea for me. Although I haven't noticed much damage to my hair since dying it, I really do love the extra conditioning a hair mask offers. I always want my hair to feel smooth, soft and healthy! My hair also tangles really easily and a hair mask treatment at least once a week really helps with that and makes it easier to brush out and stay tangle-free.

I have featured the Inecto Avocado Hair Mask and the Brite Pink Strawberry Hair Mask. I love both of these! To save 10% on the Inecto product, you can use code MIKAYLAKUEHN at checkout. This coupon can be applied to any products on the Shop Hali website. *Please know that this is an affiliate code/link.

Tangle Teezer Brush

I swear by these hair brushes! Like I said, my hair tangles so easily. Ever since I used a Tangle Teezer back in 2014, I have never looked back since. I will never use another hair brush! I have one for everyday use and one that I use in the shower (I believe they do not carry this one anymore).

Tangle Teezer Comb

This pink comb is great for styling. I use it to part my hair, comb back baby hairs and fly away’s, etc. It’s such a great tool and I highlight recommend!

If you have any questions about these products, please let me know in the comments or feel free to reach out on IG! My dm’s are always open.

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Thanks for reading today.

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