Pink Birthday Picnic Photo Shoot + Fun Birthday Activity Ideas

Pink Birthday Picnic Photo Shoot Details

Every year I plan a fun photo shoot to celebrate my birthday and then post the photos on the day of my birthday, July 25th. This year was a pink cottage core picnic theme! My brother helped me take the photos and they turned out so beautiful.

See all details below:

Cake by Gracious Goodies (home baker in Cobourg)

My Past Birthday Themes

Fun Birthday Activity Ideas (My Itinerary)

I also need to share my birthday weekend/day itinerary with you.. it was so much fun! If you’re looking for fun ways to spend your birthday, I highly recommend everything we did!

Saturday July 23
- Homemade brunch (pancakes, fresh fruit, bacon, eggs)
- Afternoon at the pool
- Homemade punch + nachos as an afternoon snack
- Get glammed for picnic photoshoot
- Set up picnic + shoot
- Italian dinner on the beach 
(we went to Cucina Urbana by the Cobourg Harbour and I highly recommend it!)
- Back home for cake!!

Sunday July 24
- Watch a movie
- BBQ dinner at home

Monday July 25th (my birthday)
- Drive to Toronto for the afternoon
- Visit Flower Shop by Wolf and Moon
- Walk to Holt Renrew/Shopping in Yorkville
- Walk to the Eaton Centre/more shopping
- Get free birthday Starbucks drink
- Get free birthday French fries at NYF
- Get free birthday ice cream scoop at Baskin Robins

You can watch my vlogs from this weekend on TikToks here and here. I also bought so many things on my shopping day… watch the huge haul here!

My 12-year-old cat, Olivia, joined for this photo shoot and she actually really loved it! I was so happy to have her part of this.

Thank you so so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes. It was a very special day/weekend and I’m feeling very blessed and loved all around.

Thanks for reading today!

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