The Ultimate Toronto Pink Summer Bucket List: 10+ Things To Do Before Summer Ends

Summer has started and it always comes and goes SO quickly. As I write this post, it’s already halfway through July and I can’t believe it. 

Update: I haven’t had time to finish writing it, and now July is almost over! So crazy how fast time flies.

Here is the ultimate pink summer bucket list for you to enjoy this season in Toronto/the GTA. I hope it gives you some inspiration!

1. Pink Café Tour 

Who doesn't love a day of café hopping? Or even setting up a checklist of one to hit each week/weekend! Here are my favourite pink café recommendations in Toronto.

2. Concerts

I don't know about you, but live music is always so much fun! I went to see Halsey back in June and going to see the Young Money Reunion on August 1st. Can't wait! This might not be the most 'pink' thing in my list, but just wait for the pink lights to show up on stage! It's always fun to see how they light up the show (especially when it's in pink). 

3. Accomplish Goals

This one is a fun one for me. If you have your vision board/goal list, why don't you use the summer to work towards those goals? Or if you don't have these things made yet, why don't you make them? It's always so fun to dream about the future and plan out the goals you wish to achieve. 

4. Have a Pink Picnic

This one is a must! Whether it be with your petyour bestie or on your own, head to your nearest park with some snacks, a picnic basket and a blanket and enjoy this outdoor activity! You can go all out and make it super aesthetic, or just go cozy and simple. My favourite picnics in the park are while you watch the sunset with a kombucha in hand!

5. Patio Drinks

Patio drinks are such a classic summer activity here in Toronto. My favourite spots to hit up would be Oretta Eglinton after work, King Taps on the weekend or even the Clockwork Tower at the Fairmont Hotel. Usually in August-September they have a beautiful pink floral wall next to their outdoor patio section. Check to make sure it's open first!

6. Pink Pool Days 

I'm so lucky I have a couple options for pools to visit (indoor in my apartment building, outdoor at my parents' house), but even if you don't have a pool, you can visit any local beach and have the best time as well! Bring a drink (in a plastic glass, to be safe of course) and dress in your cutest pink bikini + outfit. I love to bring pool/beach essentials and lay them out on my pink towel and get some content while I'm at it too! Don't forget your sunscreen and a pair of sunnies as well.

7. The Rosé Picnic

I've only been to The Rosé Picnic once before, but it was so much fun! I might go this year as well, but haven't finalized those plans yet. This year it's happening at Woodbine Park. The gorgeous grounds and beautiful scenery will make for one incredible picnic. With incredible rosé wine selections, unique food, beauty, lifestyle and travel vendors - this is one event where you can enjoy innovative brand experiences. Don’t forget to adorn yourself with a flower crown and plenty of Instagrammable moments.

8. Pink Photoshoot Day 

Who doesn't love an excuse for a photo shoot? Here are the current best pink places to shoot content in Toronto!

9. Barbie World

Have you heard about the Barbie World pop-up in Mississauga? I got my tickets and can't wait to go in August! Learn more here.

10. Small Town Visits 

If you're up for a road trip, my hometown, Cobourg, is a great place for a visit! Here are my suggestions on where to go in Cobourg: 

- Brunch at The Pink Café
- Victoria Park/The Beach
- Italian Dinner Cucina Urbana by the Cobourg Harbour
- Pink ice cream at Dairy Dream (the pink flamingo shop)

11. Pink Restaurant Tour 

Add these to your restaurant list! Pink restaurants I would suggest are:
Piano Piano (the exterior is all pink and beautiful!)
Maison Selby (there's a pink room with pink floral wallpaper!)
Lena (they have a pink neon light that glows in the stairway and it's so pretty!)

If you have any questions about any of the places/activities mentioned in this article, feel free to reach out on Instagram! I'm always happy to share more info or thoughts based on my experiences.

Thanks for reading today!

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