Pink Versace Medusa Aevitas Platform Pumps Dupe Canada

The Versace Medusa Aevitas Platform Pumps have been worn by so many celebs and influencers this season and I kept seeing them everywhere. I love the shape, height and of course, the pink colour! 

I wanted to get my hands on a pair, but didn't want to pay the $2K price tag. I took a bit of a risk and ordered a pair of knock-offs from Amazon. They took almost a month to arrive, but it was well worth the wait! 

I love how similar they look with the pink satin finish and rhinestone ankle strap. I was terrified that they would be really hard to walk in, but they're actually not bad at all! Pretty comfortable. And that's A LOT coming from me. I usually suffer in heels. But I walked through the streets of Yorkville (Toronto) with them, and it was fine. I did move a bit slower just to be careful. They're super high and it's like walking on stilts, but the pain level was very low for me. 

I have so many photos of these shoes. See more below!

The only thing that I will mention about them is that as I walk, if I hit the bottom of one shoe on the top (satin part) of the other, they do leave black scuff marks. I was able to clean most of these off with a wet brush and mild detergent. They are so pretty and I was so sad to see marks on them, but they do mark up very easily! If you are getting a light colour like these pink ones, then just keep that in mind and try to be careful.

Here is the link to the Pink Versace Medusa Aevitas Platform Dupe Pumps one more time. Just a heads up - I bought these in May 2022 and paid CDN$ 64.98. Looks like the price has gone up a bit since then, but still a great deal compared to the real thing! Enjoy!!

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