Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Content Creator/Influencer? Here’s the Scoop!

I've been getting a lot of questions lately on the topic of blogging, content creation and 'influencing'. There's huge trend in becoming a content creator lately! As much fun as it looks, it takes a lot more work than just taking pretty pictures and filming with trending sounds on TikTok. 

Having a genuine passion, creativity and some strategy behind your content are some of the many factors in order to get your foot in the game. Here are some of my top pointers for getting into it and how to know you're ready!

How to know you're ready to become a creator:

1. You're done the research and you have endless topic/content ideas

Ideas should be flowing and you should know what kinds of topics you want to cover. Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, wellness, food, travel, tech, music, etc. There are so many categories to fill! Think of it as you are sharing something you're interested in and want to find other like-minded people who also like these things. Follow other creators and see their take on a specific niche of content. Save/bookmark their posts to use as inspiration for your own content and know how to make your own content unique/stand out fro what's already being done. 

2. You're ready to put in the work

This means you're signing up to be consistent and stick to schedule. Create a calendar with slotted times for planning content, shooting content, and editing. These things can take a long time to complete, especially in the beginning. Have a posting schedule so that you are fully aware of your deadlines. Write captions and do hashtag research ahead of time so that everything is ready when you go to post. Content creation can easily be a full-time job, so be sure to manage your time accordingly so that you can fit it in around your regular day-to-day. I love to map out my content week-by-week in detail, and have ideas penciled in throughout the month. This helps me stay ultra organized and always know what's coming up next so that I don't fall behind.

The above photo is from a campaign I did in partnership with Home Hardware x Barbie. Check it out here!

3. You have the right attitude and a genuine passion for creating

You're not just in it for the free products and money! You understand that creating organic content is just as important in your monetization journey and it's the core of your branding. No one wants to follow someone who only posts ads every single day. In the beginning, you will need to produce 100% organic content in order to start building your audience and portfolio.

The above photos are from a 7th Heaven x Barbie brand event that I attended back in July!

How to become a content creator:

This is my very brief step-by-step overview of becoming a content creator.
Get ready to WORK!

Step 1: Define your content niche/topics and target audience.
Step 2: Brainstorm your branding, handle name, bio, content ideas, etc.
Step 3: Start creating your content calendar and your own personal content creation schedule
Step 4: Start creating content (and even batch content - shoot for 3-5 posts in one day!)
Step 5: Edit content and place it in your content calendar
Step 6: Prep all captions, hashtags, etc.
Step 7: Begin posting!
Step 8: REPEAT

Once you have your first 50-100 posts and 500-1,000 followers, start reaching out to brands for collaboration!

How to start working with brands and getting collaborations as a new content creator:

It's so much fun being able to collaborate with your favourite brands and create content for them on social media. Keep a list of your dream brands you'd like to work with and never stop working towards your dream partnerships with them!

In order to land your first brand collab or gifted PR packages, it can be easier than you think! No matter how small your account it, make sure you have your email address in your bio in case a brand wishes to reach out to you. They should be able to easily copy and paste it from your bio. This is important!

It's usually a good idea to start reaching out to brands when you have your first 50-100 posts and 500-1,000 followers. You can pitch them asking for the opportunity to receive gifted item(s) in exchange for post(s) on your page. Anything you're comfortable with! 

Once you have enough gifted collabs under your belt, you can create your media kit. This is a PDF that outlines select social media account analytics and brands you've worked with before. It's something you can insert to pitch emails so that agencies and brands can see proof of what you have to offer them. This also will help you get more paid collaborations. Start asking to get paid as soon as you feel like you have a good handle on your content quality, consistency and you know you have an audience that engages with what you post. 

If you have any specific questions, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram! I'm always open to chatting over DMs. :)

Thanks for reading today!

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