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Shopping for the perfect pink gift to give to someone who has an obsession with the colour? These items are most likely on their list already and you can be sure to impress them with something in their favourite hue. A complete list of everything in the round-up is linked below:

Read more about each item! Take advantage of the discounts as well.

SEASONS Magenta Diffuser: I've had this on my own wish list for a while now and have had so many friends recommend it to me. It's a stunning shade of hot magenta pink that would make any pink lover's decor dreams come true with this pop of colour. SEASONS also offers a variety of seasonal essential oil blends that together would make the perfect present.

Stoney Clover Lane x Juicy Couture Small Pouch: This brand collaboration was a Y2K dream come true. Anything from this collection would make a stunning gift. You definitely can't go wrong with the iconic Juicy bling on this velour pink pouch, though!

Maskeraide Pre Party Prep Face Mask: Maskeraide makes the most luxurious, high-quality face masks for sensitive skin. One of my favourite masks is Pre Party Prep, a clear serum mask formulated with niacinamide, orange peel oil, and rice extract. All of their masks are made without Parabens, Harsh dyes, Pigment, Mineral Oil, Artificial Fragrance and Benzophenone. I love how this mask acts like a primer for my skin before makeup, brightens my complexion and deeply moisturizes. 

oVerone Magenta Color Conditioner: BEST. HAIR. COLOUR. EVER. I've been dying my hair pink for over two years now and my all-time favourite colouring conditioner is by oVertone, hands down. Both their Extreme Magenta and Extreme Pink colours are perfection. The application is very easy, it smells so yummy like peppermint, and it lasts a long time (up to 4+ weeks!). 

OGX Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner: OGX knows how to bring the quality to haircare. Not only does this collection smell amazing, but it also repairs and softens dull strands. Perfect to use in these dry, winter months!

Three Ships Biodegradable Eye Masks: Such a great gift idea. These are a trip to the spa in a container! Helps to reduce dark circles, eye puffiness + more. And I've put these to the test - they actually ARE biodegradable! Get 20% off with code PINKLIFE.

Pink Silk Hair Wrap: Heatless curls have never been easier with this silk wrap device from Elobara. It's also in the prettiest pink colour! Give the gift of soft, wavy hair. 

Pink Scalp Massager: This is an amazing tool for anyone's haircare routine. Get a deep clean scalp-deep!

Skinny Dip London Aristocats Marie Laptop Case: The Skinny Dip London x Aristocats items are perfection. Disney lovers unite! The laptop case is a very plush velour fabric with beautiful embroidery. Comes in two different sizes!

Evio Val Lip Pencil: Val is a lip colour from Evio that literally looks gorgeous on everyone. This super versatile brown-pink shade is a perfect gift. The lip liner is my go-to,. Be sure to pair it with the gloss as well! Get 15% off with code MIKAYLA15.

Pink Brüush Toothbrush: Get the cleanest teeth of your life with the brush! Plus it's in the most adorable pink colour. I've had by Brüush for a few years now and ever since I switched to it, my dentist compliments my oral hygiene every single time. It has been a game-changer for me!

Elita Blush Bralette: This brand makes the softest and most comfortable intimate pieces. Their new seamless collection is also such a dream!

Rare Beauty 'Enchant' Soft Pink Liquid Highlight: Pink highlighter is a YES for any pink-loving makeup junkie. I'm actually so impressed with this formula and love the Rare Beauty line by Selena Gomez!

Pink Candles: If you're really not sure, a pink candle will always do the trick. Such a nice gift and these come in so many different scents and pink shades!

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