How to Make a Vision Board and Take the Next Steps to Achieving Your Goals

Making collages and mood boards is always a fun activity that sparks inspiration and creativity. A great way to reflect on your goals and work towards them is to visualize them and create something called a vision board. This is typically a collection of images that resembles certain things you wish to achieve. Personally, I love making one at the beginning of each year in order to set the tone for the year and what I want to focus on. I display my vision board on my iPad wallpaper, framed in my bedroom, and at my desk in the office. I love looking at it to remind me of what I'm working towards and reasons to keep plugging along.

This is your sign to make a vision board! Here's how you can make your own vision board:

STEP 1: Write down all the things you want to achieve/attract in your life this year in specific categories of your life. Personal health/wellness, relationships, career, material items, travel, etc.

STEP 2: Find images that resonate with you to represent each of these goals. Pinterest is great for this! I love searching for pink aesthetic images that all go nicely together.

STEP 3: Arrange the images on a blank poster page in Canva. I prefer to group my images by category so that they're organized nicely and each section reflects specific goals.

STEP 4: Save your vision board as PNG and set it as your phone/computer wallpaper. Save it as a PDF version to print it off if you wish as well! I love having both digital and physical copies.

STEP 5: Look at your vision board often. Celebrate the things that you manifest! Keep working towards the rest. Don't get discouraged, it's okay if everything doesn't come true right away.

MORE vision board tips
- Pick reasonable goals & create action plans for each one (SMART goals)
- Share these goals out loud/talk about them often
- Use aesthetic images that truly inspire you (search: “aesthetic trip to hawaii”)
- Look at your vision board on a daily basis

Here's the vision board I made for 2023!

I focused on images of my dream condo that I hope to move to this year, the Pomeranian puppy that I've been planning to get (after I move), reaching financial goals, finding a partner, and focusing on having a healthier lifestyle that includes healthy eating and exercise plans.

Thanks for reading today!

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