Oily Skin Girlies: Makeup & Skincare Recommendations Just For You

Hey there, my pink-obsessed beauties! Today, I wanted to talk about something that's close to my heart: skincare and makeup products that are perfect for those of us with oily, acne-prone skin. As someone who has struggled with this skin type for years, I understand the struggles we face. But fear not, because I've discovered some incredible products that have truly transformed my skin and makeup game. So, let's dive into my oily skin must-haves!


These little gems are an absolute lifesaver! Not only do they help clear up my blemishes, but they also prevent me from touching my face and spreading more bacteria. I always keep a stash of these handy for those pesky breakouts. These ones are virtually invisible, so they're great for wearing during the day with or without makeup.

They literally 'soak up' your whole blemish and clear up your skin overnight! The hydrocolloid technology in these patches helps to draw out impurities while creating a protective barrier that promotes faster healing. I always pop them on before sleeping if I have any problem areas.

Let's talk about toner now! One toner that has become a staple in my skincare routine is the Thayers Rose Petal Facial Toner. Specifically formulated for oily skin, this toner works wonders in balancing the skin's pH levels and controlling excess oil production. It's infused with natural ingredients like witch hazel extract, aloe vera, and rosewater, which soothe and hydrate the skin while minimizing the appearance of pores. I love using this toner after cleansing to remove any remaining impurities and prep my skin for the next steps in my routine. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, toned, and ready to glow!

This serum is an absolute staple in my skincare routine. It works wonders in balancing excess oil production while giving my skin a radiant glow. The lightweight, fast-absorbing formula is packed with natural ingredients like rosehip oil and jojoba oil, which nourish and hydrate the skin without clogging pores. Trust me, this serum is pure magic

Oily skin doesn't just stop at the face, right? Our scalps can be just as oily, leading to greasy hair days. But fear not, because Prose Custom Hair Oil is here to save the day. I was able to build my own hair oil formula with Prose, thanks to their hair quiz! I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to up their haircare game. I started using this oil on my scalp before hair washing, and it has completely changed the appearance and overall feel of my scalp. It helps to balance oil production, nourish the scalp, and promote healthier hair growth. I also love running my fingertips through my damp hair with a few drops of this oil for extra shine and hydration as well. It's a true multitasker!

When it comes to keeping my oily skin clear and smooth, exfoliation is key. And the Superfruit Exfoliating Mask from Three Ships Beauty is incredible! This mask is packed with powerful superfruit enzymes and natural AHAs that gently exfoliate the skin, removing dead cells, unclogging pores, and reducing the appearance of blemishes. I love using this mask once or twice a week to reveal a brighter, more refined complexion. It's gentle yet effective, leaving my skin feeling renewed and radiant. Trust me, this exfoliating mask will become your new best friend!


A good primer is essential for creating a smooth base for makeup application. The Evio Pore-fect Primer is specifically formulated for oily skin and works like a charm. It minimizes the appearance of pores, controls oiliness, and helps makeup last all day long. The lightweight texture feels comfortable on the skin and doesn't clog pores, making it perfect for our acne-prone skin.

I seriously cannot get enough of the True Match Super Blendable Foundation from L'Oréal Paris! I've been using this foundation for over a year now, and let me tell you, it's a game-changer. The best part? It comes in a wide range of shades, so you'll be able to find a perfect match for both your regular complexion and your self-tanned one (iykyk, right?). The coverage is fantastic, providing a flawless finish without feeling heavy on the skin. I love how lightweight it feels, and it never clogs my pores or causes breakouts. This foundation is definitely a winner in my books!

Another incredible product from the True Match range is the Tinted Serum. This little beauty is perfect for those days when you want a lighter, more natural coverage. It's a tinted serum that not only evens out your skin tone but also keeps your skin balanced with moisture. It's matte enough to keep oily skin at bay! I love how it gives my skin a healthy, radiant glow while still providing buildable coverage. It feels weightless on the skin and lasts throughout the day. This tinted serum is definitely another must-try for all my oily skin girlies out there!

When it comes to controlling oiliness throughout the day, this setting powder is such a fave. I love using it on my eyelids, t-zone, and any other areas prone to shine. Not only does it set my makeup flawlessly, but it also keeps me looking fresh and matte for hours on end. Even on the hottest and sweatiest summer days! The finely milled powder is silky-smooth and doesn't settle into fine lines or pores. It's definitely a must-have!

Finding the perfect blush for oily skin can be a challenge, but look no further! This bubblegum pink blush from Too Faced is a dream come true. The lightweight, buildable formula gives a natural flush to the cheeks without adding any extra oiliness. Plus, the cute compact packaging is just too adorable to resist. Plus, it smells like candy. Trust me, this blush will have you looking rosy and fresh all day long!

And that's all for now! Remember - skincare and makeup are all about finding what works best for your unique skin type. Don't be afraid to experiment and find the products that make you feel confident and beautiful. Embrace your oily, acne-prone skin and rock it with pride! Until next time, stay pink and fabulous! 💓✨

Thank you for much for all of your continued support. I love that I get to do what I'm passionate about because of the community that I've built here + on all of my social media platforms. You guys are the best. xoxo

Thanks for reading today!

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