The Ultimate Barbie Collab Shopping Guide

Hello, pinkies! I haven’t published a blog post in a while, but I knew I had to create this Barbie collar shopping guide for my fellow pink-loving girlies with the highly anticipated Barbie movie release just around the corner on July 21st, 2023.

I know it’s tempting to buy everything out there right now, but here’s a list of the top 15 collaborations worth the splurge (in my opinion). 

These 15 Barbie collaboration items offer a diverse range of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products that capture the essence of Barbie's iconic and nostalgic charm.

1. Aldo x Barbie

One of the best collabs out there right now. I was able to score this purse and these earrings so far. A lot fo items are sold out online, but check in-store for more availability! Watch my Aldo x Barbie haul video here on TikTok.

2. Urban Planet x Barbie

I'm holding off on shopping for this collab (because my birthday is coming up), but I'm so tempted to buy all the graphic tees and this adorable backpack charm.

3. Truly x Barbie

I loooove Truly products so I was thrilled when I saw this Barbie collaboration. I have everything on my wish list. What do you think?

4. Crocs x Barbie

When I saw these come out, I immediately needed them. I haven't placed any order yet... but it's tempting!

5. Pinkberry x Barbie

I need to find a Pinkberry ASAP to try this. It literally looks and sounds so good! It's a blend of Strawberry and Dragon Fruit flavored frozen yogurt topped with Dream Sprinkles.

6. Canada Pooch x Barbie

This is the most adorable collab. I was absolutely thrilled and extremely grateful to be invited to the puppy yoga launch event for these items. Watch my video recap on TikTok here. I was gifted some items and totally purchased some as well (for my future dog)!

7. Kitsch x Barbie

This is such a stunning collection and the colors are perfection. Again, everything is on my wishlist!

8. NYX Cosmetics x Barbie

This is literally such a fun collection. So in love with all of the packaging and vibrant colors.

9. Béis x Barbie

Shay Mitchell killed the marketing campaign with this collection. I was thrilled to see how the products turned out - they're so stunning and pink!

10. OPI x Barbie

These are the cutest colors ever and I need them all.

11. Zara x Barbie

This just launched today and it looks fab!

12. Retrospekt x Barbie

Pink and yellow is my fave color combo  - this camera looks incredible!

13. Majesty’s Pleasure x Barbie (Toronto)

Go Barbiecore at Majetsy's Pleasure in Toronto. This nail salon has partnered with Warner Bros. for the ultimate BARBIE experience and they're offering curated Barbie nail art just in time for the movie release on Jul 21st. Any hue of pink can be used for the nail art to be able to redeem the offer. Available at both locations. Book with code BARBIE. The offer runs July 17th - 31st.

14. Unique Vintage x Barbie

These items look so glamorous and perfect! UV always offers a beautiful assortment of fashion and their items are always such good quality. I've loved everything I got in the past!

15. Smash + Tess x Barbie

The collab is now live! I was so honored to hear about this before it launched and receive the Saturday Romper in Barbie Pink from the collection. Thank you so much! I can't wait to rock this piece.

September 2023 update: I've been eyeing so many Barbie items from Neiman Marcus lately. See something you like as well? Sign up for the Neiman Marcus email list and get 15% off your first order!

And that's all! Which collab has been your favorite so far? 

Thanks for reading today!

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