Review: Cocoa Contour by Too Faced

Want to get a chiseled to perfection look in just one easy kit? This will be your new favourite tool!! Read my full review for the Cocoa Contour by Too Faced below. 


I have been on the hunt for a great contour kit - one that is easy to use for beginners, won't show up too dark on my light skin tone, and also give me an effortless "chiseled cheekbone". I found all of that and more with this Cocoa Contour palette by Too Faced. Inside, it comes with a light cocoa, a medium cocoa, a day cocoa, and a "pop or light" (highlight). This kit even contains an adorable gold handled kabuki brush! Perfect for applying this contour product. 


I first tried this product out never having any experience with contour powder. I have only ever used bronzer. So, I thought that patting the brush into it, to get the full effect would be appropriate. I used the medium contour to start with, and I admittedly got a little bit too much product on my brush. The contour line that I stated on the hollows of my cheeks looked pretty dark. A little bit goes a long way! I then removed it, and started again. With only one small pat or light press into the product, and then glided across my cheek hollows, it looked much more natural and subtle! Just the look I was going for. 


This contour sticks to my foundation very well, and lasts all day long. The contour also shows up well in photographs. I would say this is a long-lasting product!


The contour is great for chiseling out your cheekbones + adding that pop of shimmery highlight. It isn't (in my opinion) for everyday wear, though. I would take the time to do this for an event,  a photo shoot, or an evening out. The medium contour does a great job for me, but as for the others two - I feel as though they are way too light, or way too dark. The highlight also isn't as "highlighted" as I thought it would be. It is more of a sparkle and not as much "wow factor" as I thought it would be. 

Overall though, this is a great beginners kit that will allow you to play any look up in a simple and straight forward way. 

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Photos by Mikayla Kuehn

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