3 Hairstyles for Short to Medium Length Hair

I cut off all of my hair - super short - before moving to Toronto (in October). It's just starting to grow back out now! I've decided that I miss my long hair and I miss doing fun things to it like fish tail braids, long wavy curls, etc. They say you want what you don't have!

Today I'm going to show you how to do three different hairstyles for "awkward length hair". 

Hair Style #1

The Top Knot

I do this hair style all the time! It's perfect for those days where you just want to throw your hair up super quickly and out of your face. This hairstyle can look super chic and edgy - or can be worn dressed down with a casual outfit as well. It's a lot easier than gathering all of your hair into a huge bun. 

All you have to do is section your hair off into a half up-half down hairstyle, and then wrap that top section of your hair and bobby pin it -like a normal bun. It's just a baby hun instead! So cute!

Hair Style #2

Effortless Wavy/Curls

When I say effortless - I really mean effortless
No heat required!

I love this style for dressier looks and it is my go-to hair style because it's so fool-proof and I'm able to wear my super girly looks with it. It's okay to cheat on your curling iron every once and a while.

All I do is section my head of damp hair into two parts (make a part at the back of your head and bring two sections forward). Then, I literally "wrap" the strands into each other, adding in pieces as I go along (like a french braid.) I then "wrap" the hair on the other side, and elastic them together to stay in place. I sleep on this, and then in the morning I take it all out, toss my fingers through it and add some hairspray! 

I also usually pin one side back for a more completed feel. (See photo below.)

Hair Style #3

Straight Hair with side french braid

This style is super simple but very cute because of the side braid detail! 

I use my favourite CHI flat iron to straighten through all layers of my hair, and then I section off about three fingers wide of hair from the front of my face. I then begin at the roots of that section and french braid it all the way to the bottom of the strands, adding in small pieces as I go. I tie it off with a clear elastic, and bobby pin it to the side of my head. I then have a competed mini braid!

Thanks for reading today and if you try any of these out, let me know in the comments below or share your photos with me on social media. 


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