A Look Inside my Makeup Drawer

Today on the blog I am sharing a look at my makeup table and how I like to organize my desk/drawer! I will be listing all of my favourite brands and products, how I organize the space, and also some decorating tips for this favourite little spot of mine in my cozy Toronto apartment. 

Ever since I moved to the city into my own apartment, this little makeup table space has been my absolute favourite spot to decorate and also spend time at. I sit here every morning to do my makeup and hair before school!

Inside these drawers you will find brands like...

Too Faced
Colour Pop
Urban Decay
NYX Cosmetics
Cover Girl
Juicy Couture

My favourite recurring brand would have to be Too Faced!

My makeup desk chair is actually hand painted! It was part of an art project in high school. 

Decorating tips for my makeup desk...

- Keep it clean, yet functional
- Use two or three focal decorating pieces (i.e. pink peonies in glass dish, gold pineapple)
- Have all "everyday" makeup tools and brushes easily accessible  (i.e. glass cylinder dish that holds all main makeup brushes)
- Keep everyday products at the front of the drawer for easy access
- Use organizers such as an acrylic lipstick holder or Q-tip dispensor
- Put cute makeup bags out on display (i.e. my white Dior cosmetics pouch) 

How I organize my makeup drawer...

I like to organize things by category. For example, all of my boxes of makeup / palettes are over on the left side. This includes my contour palette, eye shadow palettes, and eye brow kit. I then like to have the same brand of lip products of perfumes grouped together as well. Products that I don't use as often are put towards the back (not photographed), and are brought out when I feel like switching things up in my makeup routine!

I hope that you enjoyed reading today - thanks for stopping by!

This post was not sponsored. 

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