5 Subway / Train Ride Essentials

Today I'm sharing 5 key items that I like to have with me on long (or short) TTC rides. Since living in Toronto since October, and taking the Subway every day to school - I have gotten used to the commute and feel myself needing some items once and a while to make the ride a little bit easier. 


If it's a long ride especially, a good fashion magazine is always a good idea for me to have. I love flipping through the pages reading and looking at all the beautiful photos. 


My headphones are a must-have for any length of public transit ride. I love being able to occupy myself while listening to some great new music on my phone. These headphones from Frends are my favourite because they act as a pair of headphones with amazing quality and sound - but they also work as a great accessory with any outfit!


Taking public transit is not the most sanitary - I like to have a to-go bottle of hand sanitizer on me just in case. 


A little snack is a good idea for traveling or even to have on the way home from class before dinner while on the subway! These Berries + Cherries Welches dummies are my favourite at the moment! (Photographed below in top right corner.)


Lastly, if I'm taking the TTC, I must always have my metro pass with me! This is an item I keep on my lanyard with my keys and USB for school. 

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