Summer Essentials from Bioderma

Bioderma has recently sent me some great summer essential products! Two of which are sun burn protection, and the other is a moisturizing tanning spray. 

All three of these products are perfect for summer and Bioderma never fails to impress me with their skin care items! I was super excited to put these to the test, with all of the beautiful, hot weather we have been having in Toronto lately. 

I have a lot of moles and freckles that have needed to be checked (and even removed before!) and have found my skin very sensitive to the sun over the past couple of years. Having a reliable sunscreen is very important to me. 

I tried all of these out, and my full reviews are below! Keep reading for more...

The Photoderm Spray SPF 40
$29.95 for 200 ml at your local drug store

This stuff is an effective way to protect your skin against the harmful effects of the sun and risks of cellular damage and combats premature aging. It has an extra light texture and easily rubs into my skin. I thought it was a pretty decent coverage!

The only thing was - I am not a huge fan of the spray bottle itself, and I found it to be a little messy while trying to get the lotion out of the bottle. It isn't always easy to squirt out!

The Photoderm Milk SPF 50+
$27.95 for 100 ml at your local drug store

I absolutely love this stuff - from the bottle concept to the product itself! I love how it is such a high SPF and I feel confidant wearing this to protect my skin from the sun. I wore it while I was out and about last week on a day to the beach and running around in the super hot sun, and I had no burn at the end of the day! It felt amazing to have such a good protectant on. I would suggest to reapply throughout the day though, as one use may not do the job for as long as you are outside. 

Moisturizing Tanning Spray
$19.95 for 150 ml

This stuff is so neat and I have never used anything like it before! 

It comes out almost clear looking, but I actually did see results after a few days of use. Its super cool and smooth feeling on my skin, and dries instantly! There is ZERO traces of colour transfer and it gives a pretty even finish. 

Keep in mind to spray about 20 cm away from your skin, and apply one a day for 3 days, and then once every 2  days, and only once a week to maintain the tan after that. 

Thanks for reading today!

Products were sent to me for the purpose of reviewAll opinions are my own.

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