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How Much Is Teeth Whitening

I recently had the chance to try a teeth whitening kit by a company called Smile Brilliant! You can try it too, so keep reading... 

Basically, the kit comes with moulds that you use to make impressions of your teeth, whitening gel tubes, and desensitizing gel tubes

All you do is create the impressions of your teeth, send them into the lab to have custom trays of your teeth made - and then once you get them back, you can put the whitening gel in them and wear them each night to whiten your teeth!

This system is great because it's super easy and convenient to do while you are home either working, editing, watching movies - or however you spend your nights in!

The one thing I was really worried about was the teeth whitening gel actually burning my gums or causing my teeth to be extra sensitive. When I started my whitening process and wore the trays for the first time, I put the thinnest layer of gel on and only wore them for 30 minutes at a time. That was until I built up my confidence to wear them longer and also put a little more gel. I quickly realized that my teeth and gums were all good - and I had nothing to worry about!

I could feel my teeth and gums tingle a little bit and there was minor gum sensitivity during the time the whitening gel was on them, but after I used the desensitizing gel and went to bed, I would wake up and be able to function normally with no discomfort or restriction to what I could eat. I experienced no side effects, which was great!

The teeth whitening gel is the thing that will whiten your teeth, and you want to do this for 1-2 hours each evening. You then follow with a desensitizing gel for about 15 minutes, after you have used the whitening gel. Repeat this process every night for about 2 weeks!

This process is a commitment, but definitely worth it for the results! I had a hard time planning time to stay home and make myself wear the trays, but that is the only thing that may have altered my overall results and experience with the process. I explain this more in the review video. Be sure to watch below:


I was happy with my results and I really took my time with doing the whitening process (about 1.5 months) because I was super busy most nights and not able to be as consistent as I would have liked. 

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