Autumn 2017 Activity Guide

Happy fall! It’s finally starting to get colder outside and this means it’s time to bring on the cute fall traditions. Here are some fun and festive things to do this autumn season:

1. Buy a new pair of boots
I definitely needed to pick up a new pair of black ankle booties this fall. As you can see, I’m already wearing these and loving them! A basic black boot with a small heel is the perfect staple shoe for any wardrobe. They literally go with everything! 

2. Curate a paperback library
When the weather gets colder, don’t you just want to curl up with a good book? I’ve recently picked up some books that I can’t wait to dive into! See them featured in my fall haul YouTube video here

3. Celebrate sweater weather 
Yes, sweater weather should be celebrated! I love it when the days get cold enough to start wearing some of my favourite sweaters and turtlenecks again. Sweaters are just so comfy! 

4. Go apple picking
This activity is so fun! Go with friends or family to a local apple tree farm and pick some sweet and juicy apples for baking - or just eating. This year I picked royal gala apples at Cricklewood Farm in Brighton

5. Make your fave hot drinks
Mine would have to be fruit-infused tea or hot chocolate! Cold days call for warm mugs and sips.

6. Carve a pumpkin (or paint them like donuts)
Fall means it’s time for Halloween, and Halloween means carve pumpkins?? I’m not one to love being super messy so painting faux pumpkins is lore like it! These are ones that I made a couple years ago - as donuts! Complete with a cute icing colour and lots of rainbow sprinkles (AKA the best kind of donuts).

7. Count your blessings
Thanksgiving is a lovely holiday that reminds you to be thankful for everything in your life. I reflect on gratitude quite often, but this time of the year really puts me in a grateful mood. I love listing everything I am thankful for and really realizing how blessed I truly am.


Outfit 1:

Sweater // Forever 21
Skirt // Zaful 
Booties // Aldo 
Lipstick Shade // "A Different Grape" by Clinique

Outfit 2:

Sweater // Preloved 
Denim // Levi's via NEON

Thanks for reading today!

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