Don't Believe Everything You Think

Sometimes we are a little too hard on ourselves. Sometimes we put way too much pressure on ourselves to do it all, and set unrealistic goals. Everything is so competitive nowadays and there is so much comparison. All I can say is - it's okay to believe in yourself. Tell yourself good thoughts and know that you are trying your best!

I have always struggled with this and need to constantly remind myself not to think so negatively about myself. It's easier said than done, but don't believe everything you think. 

Today's look is a little more different, but I'm digging the retro Barbie vibes. Complete with a faux fur leopard coat and pink backpack, plastic pink shades, distressed denim, my not-so-white Converse, and this adorable kitten graphic tee. 


Coat, Denim, Sunnies, Backpack // Forever 21 (lol)
T-Shirt // gifted from Carolina!!
Shoes // Converse
Bunny Keychain // Ali Express

Thanks for reading today!

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