How to use Pinterest as a Blogger

Today I'm sharing how Pinterest has helped me share my content and grow as a blogger! 

Pinterest is a handy tool for any blogger. I love looking through Pinterest for daily outfit inspo, DIY nail art tutorials, and recipes. There are so many different useful things on Pinterest and it comes in handy for sourcing inspiration, ideas, and other information. Be sure to follow me here. Yes, my boards are very pink!

Pinterest is a great tool, but it is super time consuming! You can get sucked into it for hours. To save your time and also help to build your follower count while your attending to other things - you can easily schedule your pins. I've been using an app called Tailwind that has come in suuuppeer handy. I talk more about it in the video at the end of this post. 

Overall, I highly suggest you to utilize Pinterest if you are a blogger!

Watch my video below on 5 TIPS for using Pinterest as a blogger!

Thanks for reading today!

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