The Hustle

The hustle as of lately has been a combination of things. Keeping up with the blog, YouTube videos, coordinating work schedules, and planning, planning, planning. I have a few new exciting opportunities that have led me back into the area of digital marketing and contract work. I have a few upcoming collaborations in the works as well! I always want to say yes to everything and I seriously have a problem with not being able to say no (haha!) 

With all of that being said, I guess you can say I'm back to full-time work and blogging on the side. I am feeling very optimistic and thankful for everything that is to come.

I am excited for what's to come and on top of all my ongoing projects, I need to start gearing up for the holidays! Are you guys looking forward to the black Friday sales? Are there any specific holiday posts you'd like me to do? I was thinking of creating a "Pink Christmas" holiday look book. I am thinking pink coats, faux fur, red lipstick, and lots of glitter and twinkling lights. Let me know your thoughts! 

For today's look, I am wearing my fave pink tweed blazer with this Chanel-esque tied blouse, and my black retro sunnies. Sunglasses are still cool in Winter, right?!


Blouse // Forever 21
Blazer and Pants // Zara
Sunglasses // Ali Express
Slides // Aldo
Watch // Michael Kors

Thanks for reading today!

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