Coulda Woulda Shoudla

Do you ever play a situation in your head over and over again and think, "that was so stupid" "why did I say that" or "why did I do that?" That is so me. And I can never seem to stop thinking about things like this. 

The things I say without thinking first. The way I said something that I later feel like it came off in the wrong way. The things I say when I thought I was right, but later realize I was wrong. 

Coulda. Woulda. Shoulda.

I feel like I'm in a constant battle with myself in my head. I really just want to become more focused on the present and living in the moment. That's one of the reasons why I started doing yoga in my apartment; I wanted a way to escape from being inside my head so much and also work on some other things that needed much attention. (Like my physical strength, balance and my level of calm - haha). 

What do you do when you are feeling in your head? Any tips on moving forward with things and not dwelling so much on the past? 

Today's look is super "I mean business" meets "just chillin".  I love this grey blazer (that practically every other blogger owns) with these super laid-back distressed denim jeans. I threw on this pink Chloe-inspired bag for some added feminine chic vibes and tossed my hair up in a high pony. I've been wearing my hair straight a lot lately and kinda digging it! Thoughts?

Zara Blazer // Shein Bag // H&M blouse // Forever 21 Denim // Aldo Boots

Thanks for reading today!

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