What's Poppin': Too Faced Glitter Pop Review

Glitter Pop by Too Faced is my current beauty obsession! It's a liquid glitter eyeliner that is super easy to use AND remove. No messy glitter everywhere and it sure amps up any basic cat eye look.

I have two colours in the line - "Kitty Glitter" (hot pink) and "Yes Way Rosé" (rose gold). I think the names are adorable and totally fitting! 

K I T T Y  G L I T T E R

Kitty Glitter is the perfect touch to any pink eye makeup look. It goes with any pink and it's a cool contrast when worn with neutrals as well! Who wouldn't want pink glitter eyeliner?? This is soooo my thing and I am in love.

Y E S  W A Y  R O S É

This is a more subtle look but not in any way less fun! I think the rose gold shimmer is so pretty and classic. I equally in love with this liner as well!

I usually apply two coats of the glitter liner just on top of my signature black liner. This makes for a super pigmented glitter, and just the right amount of sparkle. If you do two coats, it makes it super easy to peel off at the end of the day. No mess and no glitter stuck in your eyes! Trust me - I've had glitter in my eye before and it is NOT fun (haha!)

What do you think of glitter eyeliner? Would you give it a try? Check out the full glitter pop collection by Too Faced at Sephora. I have to admit - I kind of want all of them!!

P.S. who here noticed the Cardi B reference in this post title? I am forever a fan of female rappers and Cardi B is amazing. 

Thanks for reading today!

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