Why Pink?

I’ve been asked countless times - why pink? 

It’s a colour I grew up with. It’s something that I’ve always identified with and expressed myself with - and I think it describes me pretty well. 

I’m a total girly- girl; very feminine, bubbly, lover of romantic comedies and fairytales, Disney movies and musicals. I would rather wear dresses over denim and I would rather wear a pink fluffy cardigan over a black leather jacket. 

Though my style and tastes have slightly evolved over the years, with influence of hip-hop, urban city living and modern pop culture, I still remain with one thing the same: my love for the colour pink. 

It’s a colour I can’t seem to get away from. 

When I moved to Toronto about 4 years ago to study fashion marketing, I told myself I didn’t want to be known as the "super girly pink girl". I didn't want to be seen as immature or too young or not capable. I wanted to elevate my style and become more "sophisticated". I ditched the Lily Pulitzer prints and J Crew plaids for baby blush tone culottes and black turtle necks. I cut my hair really short and dyed it ombré blonde. I painted my lips burgundy to create a more vampy look. I wanted to be feminine, but more "mature". 

I would not consider myself immature at all, but there is association with immaturity and the colour pink. Especially according to my colour theory teacher in fashion school. I tried to tone down the amount of pink I had and added many more neutrals to my looks, but the “more classy” look didn’t last long. I was still recognized for loving pink and my personality was way too meek and girly to come off any differently as well. 

Months into fashion school, I realized that the pink was here to stay and even if I “grow up” my style in a way, I still remained my pink and bubbly self - and I slowly learned to just be okay with that. 

Nicknames such as “the brunette Elle Woods” and “Barbie” were constantly tossed my way. I wore pink glitter skirts to class, covered my binder in pink photo collages and even had a matching pink backpack with the cutest pink pompoms on it. 

I wore pink shimmer lipstick everyday. My eyelids always had a shade of pink shadow powdered over them, along with black cat eye liner. I started to always do a mental check: one thing in my look MUST be pink. 

I was so drawn to it, and the pink became more part of me than it ever did before. 

I soon didn’t mind being recognized as the pink girl. I embraced it. After years of loving this colour and my obsession becoming more and more known, I decided to incorporate the lifestyle hashtag on my blog and started a series called #ThePinkLife. It was so fitting and really told my story in 3 little words. 

After some research and a decision made, I then changed my entire blog over to the title it is now. The Pink Life. 

My blog rebrand has come full circle and I am very happy to still be incorporating this colour whenever and however I can. Pink makes me happy and I think it describes be very well. I love the colour pink, and I think it loves me too.

Do you have a colour that you are totally obsessed with? How does your favourite colour describe you?

Thanks for reading today!

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