Spending Time With Yourself

Spending time alone can be very beneficial. 

I've learned so much about myself in the last year or even in the last couple of months from really taking the time to be on my own and focus on things that are important to me. I want to be the best version of myself and offer that to anyone I choose to spend time with, work with, or whichever. 

Time alone really has made me slowly grow, appreciate and learn about myself; and even get through some hard times. I have learned that I can be by myself and not have a crazy social schedule - and be totally fine with it...sometimes.

I have been back in the gym the last month and it's been a great mood lifter. I feel way better about myself when I get my heart beat racing and blood pumping and when I feel like I'm really pushing myself. 

Even this past Sunday, I chose to stay home and get a bunch of work done in my apartment. I can't function if I'm too bored or don't have a list of priorities, but even working by myself with my own company (and my cat, Olivia, of course) it was really nice to not rush through anything or have somewhere to go or somewhere to be at a certain time. 

I had a list of fun things to work on so it's not like my mind was wondering to too many bad places either. It was a good vibe and I got through my list while jamming out to some good tunes and even singing along. I love days where I can feel productive and truly comfortable with myself. It's a good time!

How do you like to spend your time alone? Do you like being by yourself sometimes?

Today's look is very Ariana Grande inspired. I'm obsessed with this silky pink twist top. I paired it with a little black circle skirt and my oversized black denim jacket. The white "Ariana" heels complete the look perfectly. Let me know what your favourite Ariana song is in the comments! I'm such a fan (clearly). 

Thanks for reading today!

Wearing Misguided Top, Ardene Necklace, Levi's Vintage Denim Jacket, Sirens Skirt, Nine West Heels, Shein Bag

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