3 Things That Have Recently Changed My Life

There's a few things that I always knew I should do (or do more of) but I just recently made the choice to start doing them and doing them right. It may sound super dramatic, but these things are all really changing my life / lifestyle recently.


Before this summer, I hadn’t read a full book in probably 3 years. That’s crazy, right? 

I never enjoyed reading much and would always force myself to get to the next chapter. I would push myself to get through most of it, but never actually finish. While on my road trip back from Vancouver (over 9,000 km), my phone got ran over by a car and was absolutely smashed. Instead of spending time on my phone in the car, I continued to read more of the books I brought along. I ended up finishing both books and had to pop into a store along our drive to get another one for the remainder of the drive. 

Since then, reading has been a new favourite hobby. Instead of organizing photos on my phone during the morning subway commute, I now keep a book in my gym bag to pull out and read on the train. I even grab my book in the evening before I go to bed because I get so invested in the story. Everyone has always tried to convince me to read more, but I don't usually go along with what people say until I discover it on my own - which seems to be exactly what happened with books.

Gym Everyday 

I’ve never been very athletic and I didn’t like playing sports growing up. I joined Fit Girl Gang last September and shortly after, joined a gym with a friend. 

My friend taught me a lot of things at the gym and we motivated each other to go 2-3 times a week together after work. Since her work location and schedule recently changed, we haven’t been able to get to the gym together since May, but I decided last month that I still wanted to continue my fitness journey. So, I took what my friend had taught me and made myself join a local gym near my place downtown Toronto. 

I have successfully been attending 5 times a week(!!), or as much as possible. I love having the gym super close to me and having the flexibility of going whenever I can - late evenings, on the weekends, etc. It’s made me feel great to be back at it again!


Talking to my friends, family and even seeing a counsellor has helped me open up more and be honest with myself on where I am and what I need to do in order to move forward with some things in my life.

There’s been a lot of things building up in my head over the last couple of years that made me question myself and hold back in a way and I finally had the chance to talk about some of these issues and how they’ve bothered me. I think seeing a counsellor is one of the best things I’ve done this year! I always feel better after I talk to someone in a safe environment. 

Have you done anything that has recently changed your life? I want to know what it is!

Thanks for reading today

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