5 Healthy Changes You Can Start Making Today

I’ve been trying to be more mindful of some healthy changes in my life lately. From sleep to diet and exercise, it's good to have a balance and I always want to be constantly improving on that balance.

Here are some healthy changes you can start today:

1. Drink more water 

This is easier said than done! Sometimes I'm really on top of this one, and other times I'm not. Now, in order to get enough water, I always make myself drink a couple glasses before eating anything. Especially in the morning when I'm at the office and have easy access to the bathroom - haha!

2. Physical exercise everyday 

I recently joined a new gym and started going 5 days a week. After my busy schedule caught up with me, I've been going more like 3 times a week but I still find it super important to get in some kind of activity throughout the day. Things like taking the stairs instead of the escalator/elevator or taking the long walk home.

3. Mindful meals

What I mean by this comes down to frequency, timing and portion. I like to eat small things throughout the day, but my constant battle is trying not to eat after 8 pm. I feel like eating too late is not a good thing and your window for eating should not be that long. I have even tried intermittent fasting lately too and that helps me be more mindful of frequency. Some of my favourite things to eat right now are almonds, boiled eggs, carrots and greek yogurt with granola. Oat Box has some amazing flavours of granola that I've been obsessed with. The iced coffee one is my fave!

4. Go to bed early 

I mean 11 pm or earlier - and this is a tough one for me! I am such a night owl and I work best in the evenings. I can stay up for countless hours until it's 1 or 2 am, but the reality hits when I need to get up for work and be in at the office for 9 am after a 45 minute commute.

Though this is one of my biggest struggles, getting enough sleep is actually SO important. Your body cannot function without it, and I definitely know that from experience. What has helped me is setting alarms at night so that I can remind myself when it's time to start winding down by doing things like my skincare routine and shutting down electronics. I try to be in bed by 11-11:30 pm now!

5. Think positive thoughts

It's so easy to get caught up in all the negative. As a constant over-thinker myself, I need to really put emphasis on this one and try to teach myself to be more mindful. Some things that help me stay more positive are reminding myself what I'm grateful for. My mom and other people in my life always do a great job at reminding me of this as well. Surrounding yourself with good people is very necessary.

It's so easy to focus on the negative, but constantly going over a list of things you are thankful for is super beneficial in terms of your mindset. Try to think of 2-3 things everyday!

Today's look is a pink and white fall outfit, partially brought to you by my new fave Australian online boutique, Divine Avenue. I got both the white sweater and this adorable pearl headband from them!

What have you been excited to wear this fall?

Thanks for reading today!

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