Hot Pink Hair for Fall with Rob Pizzuti

I have pink hair again! I'm super excited to share the process of how Rob (once again) killed it with my colour!

I met with Rob Pizzuti at Hair Artisans to get the perfect hot pink hair for fall with a "superhero shine". I was so excited to see what the result would be!

I've been getting my hair coloured by Rob for the last 3 years now and I am always in love with what he does. He is the only one I would trust to do this much to my hair!

Here is what his process looked like:

Rob used a hair care line called Virtue to create the shine. To the hair colour, he added Virtue's #ColorKick human keratin complex for extra strength and smoother hair texture.

For the colour, Rob used a one-step high lifting fuchsia pink. This process is unlike the standard bleaching and tone with a bright fashion colour (obviously pink). My uncoloured, natural hair was perfect for this one-step process.

This one-step process also leaves the hair in much better condition than traditional bleaching. As extra security Rob added the #ColorKick keratin complex to make my hair even stronger than before we started colouring.

When it comes to technique, this is what Rob summarized:

"Instead of doing a highlighting / ombré painted technique, I wanted to add movement and a subtle transparent shimmer to the very top layer of your hair with an extreme pop of fuchsia as your hair moves or when you style it curly.

Vertical panels of colour were placed underneath leading up to the top layer of tiny baby strands of fuchsia mixed in with your natural. I think this subtleness with such a bright colour makes it beautiful and delicate rather than looking like a striped painted fence.

This speciality one-step fuchsia pink will last 5-6 weeks at full intensity and then start to fade out to a softer tone and finally fade to a gorgeous golden blonde in 3-4 months."


This is the Virtue #ColorKick keratin complex pictured above.

I am OBSESSED with the results. I have to say that this is the perfect pink for fall and I can't wait for it to fade into baby pink, and eventually blonde. It's always great to work with Rob and see him use new techniques on my hair each time I see him!

Even after 1 week, my hair remains silky soft and still a deep magenta pink. To see the full transformation video + 1 week results, you can watch over on my YouTube channel!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see updated photos as my hair fades out in shades of pink, and soon to be blonde!

Thank you so much to Rob Pizzuti + Hair Artisans for this lovely hair colour! I'm so in love.

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Thanks for reading today!

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