Rub-a-Dub with Cake Beauty

Cake Beauty launched some luscious new products and I was super excited when I received these as a surprise in the mail!

Since the first time I ever heard the name of the brand, I instantly fell in love with Cake Beauty. Flashback to getting samples of their hand cream at Sephora back in 2013.

 I love anything sweet-smelling and super girly/pink, so naturally, I am a fan.

Everything I've ever tried from Cake is made with such quality and care. I love how each product is curated into a sweet-smelling collection, complete with cult favourites such as hand cream, body lotion and washes, as well as go-to hair items like dry shampoo. The branding is carefully followed and always executed in the most fun way with stunning sugary-inspired images, cute call-out names and lovely packaging.

The line-up of Cake Beauty's newest products consists of 7 shower items and I got to try 4 of them!

1. Desserted Island Shower Wash

This shower wash is light, airy and oh-so-sweet. It whips into a light foam and is best used with a loofah. I love how it makes my skin feel afterwards and that it's not too overpowering in scent. It is infused with nourishing Tahitian coconut oil and soothing aloe leaf juice to lock in hydration for smooth, post-shower, post-vacay radiance.

2. Heavy Cream - Triple Duty Shower Cream

This heavy cream has 3 jobs: it cleanses, moisturizes, and can even be used as a shaving cream. I love the feeling of the buttery soft matte packaging in an adorable pink and cream yellow design. I think Cake nailed it with this item! My new go-to shower item.

3. Desserted Island Whip Cream Shower Wash

Now this one is super fun to use! The foam formula pumps out super smoothly and the smell of the formula is to die for. Coconut and vanilla are two of my favourite ingredient combos. I use it all over my body and it works perfect for shaving as well. I love how it lathers and absorbs moisture into my skin. I feel like my whole body is glowing after this! 

4. Milk Made Sugared Cream Body Milk Scrub

I LOVE a good body scrub. I've been trying so many lately and have fallen in love with exfoliating on the regular now. A good body scrub (like this one) makes my skin feel so soft and I feel like it lifts away any impurities for a true clean feeling. This one in particular is a gentle sugary masterpiece that exfoliates and soothes skin at the same time. What a perfect combination!

In all, I'm obsessed with the collection and once again Cake has nailed it with creative names, quirky product descriptions and delectable scents that I can't get enough of.

Which one would you want to add to your shower routine? Let me know in the comments!

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