Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Nothing in life is ever easy, and everything takes a conscious effort. 

In order to see a positive change, it's best to take it upon yourself and ask yourself how you can improve to make things better. This is not always easy to do, and it takes a lot to put your pride aside sometimes and look at things from an unbiased view.

The bottom line is, the only one who can ultimately make things better, improve your lifestyle, get in shape, wake up early, create happiness and work towards a better future - is you. 

Make a list of all the changes you want to make in your life today, and get on it. The change is you.

Today's outfit features this iconic pink metallic bomber jacket and my pink suit with pink converse. I've also been gravitating towards this super slouchy pink beanie that gives an effortless winter look that I have been loving. 

Thanks for reading today!

Wearing: H&M Bomber, Zara Suit, Boxlunch Blouse, Neon Beanie, Converse Shoes

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