Winter White & Lots of Pink

One of my favourite pieces to wear when the weather gets cool is this faux fur white coat from Honey. I paired it with my pink suit and I'm sure you can tell by now that I absolutely love re-styling this suit!

I love to re-wear items as much as I can. I find it exciting to get creative with old looks and make them new again. What's your favourite thing to re-style? 

I also have to mention that I am obsessed with this braided headband. It is actually NOT my real hair! I always wished I could do cool braids like this but I could never get my hair (or my hairstyling skills) to cooperate. The headband is made by Madison Braids and you can get 15% off any of their accessories with my code:


My hair still has a bit of pink left in it from when Rob helped me go magenta. I have been strategically putting off washing my hair in order to have the pink fade out slower. It's supposed to turn to a warm blonde in about 4-5 weeks!

In other news, I've been busy prepping for the holidays and getting social outings planned for all things Christmas with my friends + coworkers! I can't wait to go home and visit my family for the holidays. Christmas is coming up so fast!

I have some fun holiday content planned for the blog and I'm going to start getting it out this week - so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading today

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