Banana Yellow

So this year I have decided to embrace my love for trying new things and the idea of "experimenting with my style." I feel like I've always been one to like weird/different things and I really value individuality.

Before I moved to Toronto, I felt a little like I was trapped in a box. I came from a small town where everyone knew each other and there was little room for me to grow and be adventurous when it came to style and creativity. Everyone noticed everything - and it wasn't always a good thing. 

Growing up, I felt like I couldn't particularly relate to people my age. I wanted to do things like create my own businesses and do things that other kids my age were not into. I didn't go to parties and didn’t have a whole lot of friends. I feel like I saw the world differently. I met very few people that “got it."

I remember when I was in high school and wore certain outfits, people would stare and whisper (alllll the time). Even some of my closest friends at the time would comment negatively about the way I dressed behind my back. One day, I wore a particular outfit to school that I was so in love with, but I later I found an insulting Twitter thread about my look. That really shook me up. I didn’t feel like I belonged. 

Funny thing is, about a year later after I had moved to the city, I wore that exact same outfit to Toronto Fashion Week, and the response was totally opposite from my high school experience. I was featured in FASHION Magazine’s top 10 best dressed street style that day!

I’ve always been into taking subtle risks with my clothing choices. I want to be myself and just do things that feel right. So if I want to wear something like this banana yellow jacket - I totally will. 

This look is super warm! I layered a black turtleneck sweater underneath this huge yellow puffer jacket. These wide leg button-down pants are the coolest thing I've bought recently, and I am forever in love with my pink accessories such as these rose gold hoop earrings and my pink sunnies. Can't forget a good hot pink lipstick either!

Ps. - don’t worry, pink is still #1, but yellow is cool too, right? Get ready for some more cool colour plays and combinations coming soon to the blog!

Pretty Little Thing Jacket // H&M Sweater // Forever 21 Sunnies // H&M Hoop Earrings // Shein Pants // Aldo Boots //

Thanks for reading today!

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