The Hair Raiser

The Hair Raiser is a volumizing hair powder by Canadian beauty brand, Cake Beauty. It has a unique "point, shoot, puff" nozzle and goes from a dry to wet powder when activated. It’s meant to be applied root to tip for a full hair uplifting experience!

When I first used The Hair Raiser, I was intrigued by the cute little bottle and the cool applicator nozzle. I did a couple sprays and instantly noticed the yummy smell. Cake products smell just as you would imagine - super sweet and sugary! 

After using the product throughout, I tossed my hair and could see how easy it was to lift my hair root to tip. I feel like I might have used too much product in my roots because the texture of my hair felt gritty and a little oily. I think less is more when it comes to using this product! 

Overall, I like the product but it might not be for my hair type. I would recommend this product to anyone with thin/fine or dry hair. My hair is very thick and easily gets oily, so I may benefit from the teased/volumized look, but not the feeling the product leaves in my hair!

Head over to Cake Beauty to check out The Hair Raiser and more of their delicious products. I am in love with the brand!

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