V-Day Nail Inspo

I've got a nail design for every occasion! This time it's a super classic french with pink glitter and little red hearts. I love the simplicity of this one and how it can go with any dress colour - red, white, or pink! If you give it a try, I want to see your photos!


Paint nails with pink glitter (as a base). Use a small striper paint brush to draw the curve of the french manicure, then fill in tips with regular white polish.

Use a dotting tool to create tiny heart shapes on the side of each nail with a hot pink or red polish. Seal with a top coat to finish!

This design is in no way perfect, but it was sure fun to create!


White On // Sally Hansen
Pink Glitter // Sinful Colours
KISS Nail Striper
Hot Pink // OPI

Be sure to check out last year's design here!

Thanks for reading today!

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