Closer Than I Was Yesterday

Through the years, I have always tried to make good decisions to further myself in my daily work, my career, and my life. Sometimes it was hard decisions or "not what everyone else was doing". I think of myself a bit as a "goody two shoes," who always followed the rules and tried to do the right thing.

On the days I feel most tired, I don't stop because that's the easiest thing to do - I keep going until it's done. I am never not thinking up ideas or adding tasks to my to-do lists. Sometimes this feels like it will never pay off and I'm not seeing enough results, but looking back - I've actually come pretty far! I've learned to celebrate the tiny victories and realize that I’m closer than I was yesterday.

Give yourself some credit and know that you are doing your best!

For today's look, I'm wearing this amazing hot pink faux fur jacket with my new favourite kitten bag by Kate Spade. When I first saw this jacket in the store, I thought, "how do I not already own this?!" So of course, it had to be mine. I styled this look in a more chic/classy way, but I can't wait to see how else I can pair this jacket in other interesting ways. 

My top and pants are typical pieces I would wear to the office, and my booties are an (almost) everyday shoe. I know I keep wearing them in all my photos but they literally go with everything and I love a good go-to boot in fall/winter.

H&M Jacket // Forever 21 Blouse // Zara Pants // Calico Sunglasses // Kate Spade Crossbody // Aldo Boots // ABH Lipstick in "Rio" //

Thanks for reading today!

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